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Here I am back with the next Cover Letter Tip: ‘Talk about the company’. Yes, employers don’t only want to hear about you; they want to hear about themselves, too.

#CBcareertips The age old tip – Do your research and show that you have done your research.

Posted by CareerBuilder India on Monday, April 27, 2015


But how will you talk about them, when you have to be short & crisp and have so many things to say (like we discussed in previous tips)? Have a look for how and what to do:

Yet, here is another reason for why it is always said research about the company before applying for it. By knowing the company, it would be easier to set the tone of cover letter and tell them ‘Yes, you have done some homework’. Companies talk a lot at their website, so adopt their style to tell them your appropriateness. Or check out if there is a particular project or client you’d like to handle and then via your CL tell how you can make a difference.


“What usually makes me want to meet people is if they’ve demonstrated that they understand their audience. This is crucial because it’s what we ultimately get paid to do. In this case, the audience is me. Do they understand who we work for and what we do? If all we do is campaign work for shoe companies, then showing me your latest intranet design isn’t a great idea. Do they use language that shows that they did a little homework? We say a lot on our website, and someone who takes the time to read it and adopt a style or language that’s appropriate to my business will stand out.”

— Geoff Teehan, Teehan+Lax


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Rest, make sure that your cover letter is as good as the company you’re applying to.

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