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Employees are the backbone of any organization and a festival time is one of the best to reward and encourage them. So, how about indulging in some excellent employee engagement activities this Diwali?

Well, as corporate you must be able to ensure that you can engage employees wholeheartedly this Diwali. While Diwali celebration at the workplace is a must, unique gifting ideas for employees should also be taking into consideration. Yes. Pampering employees on festive occasions, go a long way in organizational efforts of employee engagement and employee retention.

Diwali happens to be one of the most important festivals of India, and corporate organizations must leverage this and make the most out of this festival. In the words of Narayana Murthy,

“Employees are our assets. Our assets walk out of the door every evening & we have to make sure that they come back the next morning.”

This shows how important it is important to think about employees and of course make them feel special during festivities. So, as an employer are you wondering what to gift your employees this Diwali? Well, do not worry much, we have come up with some solutions. Take a look at the paragraphs below to know more about some excellent gifting ideas for employees this Diwali:

#1. Assorted chocolates & dry fruits

Chocolates and dry fruits have been one of the most favorite gifting ideas for the occasion of Diwali. Whether it is friends, family or even employees within an organization – gifting them a basket full of chocolates and assorted dry fruits is one of the best possible ideas and has long been associated with Diwali gifting ideas. You can choose a variety of chocolates and dry fruits out them together in a beautiful decorative basket and hand them over to your employees on Diwali.

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#2. Dinner sets/kitchen appliances

Well, it might come as an easy job, but products like 20 pieces or more dinner sets or even good kitchen appliances – such as induction cooktops, cookware, juicers, mixers, grinders and much more. Just like chocolates and dry fruits, good kitchen appliances can also make great Diwali gifting ideas for employees. And one of the best parts about these gifts happens to be they are handy for the household and long-lasting.

#3. Backpacks/ stroller/Laptop Bags

The next in line gifting idea can be a good bag – such as backpacks, trolley or even a good laptop bag. On the other hand, as an employer, you can also choose to gift employees and small-sized durable travel luggage – suiting your budget. You can customize the names of your organization as well on the products that you gift employees. These can also turn out to be great Diwali gifting ideas and end up making employees feel happy.

#4. Stationaries

Stationary is often required in offices. You can choose to gift stationary gifts sets comprising products like – pens, notepads, pens, staplers and other necessary items that complete a full stationary kit. You can also choose to present some luxurious or high-end pen sets to your employees. Even they make for good corporate Diwali gifting ideas.

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#5. Decorative items

Last but not the least, items for home décor can also make for great corporate Diwali gifting ideas for employees. In this category, you can choose to gift candle stands, statutes and idols, flower vases, chandeliers and other such products. Gifting a grand Ganesha idol on Diwali can be an excellent idea and these days, offering a Buddha idol is also accepted gracefully.

The culture of exchanging/giving gifts on Diwali has a long-standing tradition in India and corporate have been successfully maintaining this tradition. Now, if you are an employer and still brainstorming on gifting ideas for employees this Diwali, you can choose from any of the items mentioned above.

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