Being productive is as external as internal, even if you tell yourself that today, I’m going to be super productive that awry coworker with the ability to chat incessantly can take you for a toss. How can you possibly concentrate on the task at hand? Going by this you shall be more productive during the after-hours or on weekend when nobody is around to mess with your focus.

The noises, the general gossiping, the chatter and other things are irritation causing situations which seldom have a solution except this of course-

Signage Works
If you do not want to be disturbed, the proper way to convey that is to put significant signs around your workstation, so that people get the idea. Hotel room signs like- ‘Do Not Disturb’ are a classic. Adopting quirky ways could also work, like- “If You Need Me, Just E-mail Me, I’ll Make Sure There When I Want To Be”, “Please Give Some Breathing Space”, “I Like Peace, So Should You”. These signs mostly work to put off that hearty coworker who is always up for a chat.

A great one read something like- “There is a door for a reason, knock it only when absolutely necessary. Or just let it be”

Say It!
Now, that is the simple solution to just about anything. Communicate your preference politely and let them infer what you want. Educating your coworkers about how you like to work to be extra productive for the company, might also enthuse them for working more. Make lunch break and tea breaks your ally in this communication task. If ever you have open discussions you should always bring up the topic so that your choices are explained by you and hence, treated well.

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Head it Up.
Wearing headphones or headgear will de-motivate the coworker who wants to chat and that is exactly what you are looking for, isn’t it? Wear huge headgear or big chunky headphones, these give you an unapproachable aura. It puts off any employee because it’s simply too much of an effort to communicate to you. They also numb the sounds coming from around the office, even if you aren’t listening to music they are the perfect camouflage weapon!

A Little Stricter
Now, if the above method don’t work. Get set to be customized! Personalize your actions. Put gold or red stickers against the names of employees who disturb you the most. Keep them on a place where everybody can see them. One fine day, they would eventually stop and you can take off their name. It’s called soft embarrassment trick!

Work from home
If nothing works and you love your isolation, there is no better place than home. Persuade your boss to comply by this, showing your productivity credentials of working in isolation and how it helps the company. So when you are at home find your favourite corner and start off. Of course you will have to stop the daily home chores to concentrate on office stuff.

Having your space is the first thing for having great work done!

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