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Whether to join an organization or not is another one common tussle in the mind of interviewees.  And one of the initial reasons behind this is the company’s culture. To figure out whether one would be the perfect fit for the organization or not, I believe is a genuine concern as that affects one’s level of job satisfaction and happiness at work.

No doubt, you too would have gone through or probably currently going through this; so how do you think decision should be made? You could have asked some of your friends if they have ever got to work with the company, or have come across anyone who can share the firsthand experience; but what if that option too isn’t available, then what would be the next alternative?

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To help you out, I’ll give you three tips to figure out whether the job opportunity should be grabbed immediately or other options need to be considered. Check these out:

Advantage of Lobby Time:

When you go for interview to the company, just don’t sneak into your preparation material or surf internet to know something else about the company, instead look at the behavior and attitude of the employees there. The way they greet each other, the way they are dressed up, the way they behave would tell you a lot about the company culture. If possible, have a casual conversation with someone working at the company and figure out, whether you’ll fit in it or not.

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Tasks of doing homework aren’t over:
If you have finished studying then that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to do any homework. Well, in the case of job hunt it become 50 times more important to do this task. Check out Twitter, LinkedIn, and other sites to get an overview about the company and its people. It would be great if you get to talk to someone who had previously worked with the organization to get a feedback about whether he/she would recommend working there and why. You might get a better overview of what it is like to work there.


Your questions during interview :

Interviewers give a chance to ask them your doubts. This is the time you need to ask them smartly about the company culture. And yes, I said SMARTLY, so, don’t just bluntly question the interviewer about the office culture; instead ask for specific examples like: At present, is there anyone in the team who handles assignments from home. (This would tell you the option of working from home).


And yes, always remember that company culture has nothing to do with the paintings on the wall or sculptures in the office, but about the people, policies, and attitude. And this would affect your growth so make a wiser decision.

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