building leadership skills

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Ahem, let me first ask, how do you promote or upgrade job roles of people in your organization? Is that done competency based or leadership potential based? Many would say competency based, like if the person is a good accountant or a salesperson, he deserves to be promoted. But what if he lacks in the qualities of being a good leader? Well, do you think this would affect your organization’s competency to beat challenges that tomorrow will bring along?

building leadership skills

What will make tomorrow difficult?

Yes, I said tomorrow will not be easy for you. But why? Well, because of these challenges:

Competition: Your competition would not just confine to alike businesses, but you’ll need to compete with players with different business models, mindset & proposition. Didn’t get it well? Ahem… Do you think telecommunication companies have become a challenge for banks by offering mobile banking?  Think about this.

Growth: You just don’t have to win a battle with the other companies but also with the growth market & economic system. You’ll have to grow to be relevant, or you’ll have to fight for your survival too.

Consumers: Well, it’s no more about your choice or power, but of consumers. Consumers are connected, aware, & demanding and they are gradually multiplying their power by forming communities. The completion with products & services along with consumer is not future any more. This has already arrived.

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Talent:  Frequent discussions about Gen X and Gen Y in the recruitment sector itself prove that it’s the time to be ahead with the power of talent.

Society: Last but not the least, only if you can add valuable contribution to the society, you’ll earn the credits to be successful.

To make your organization survive the challenges of tomorrow, you need Leaders. Informed & well prepared leaders. And for this, either you need to explore the best leadership potential or you need to prepare the future leaders for your organization. Let’s first find out how to identify the leaders from the organization and then focus upon preparing the future leaders.


Qualities that set leaders apart:

  • The Advisor : Those typically smart people who are always sorted out by others for seeking advice. Such individuals having good people skills can be good leaders. Ego & arrogance never slips in their way when it comes to helping others.
  • The Resolver : Finding problems is easy but searching for answers before cribbing isn’t that easy. If there is one who looks for solutions & not excuses, then you have a potential leader in your team.
  • The Persuader : Look up for the one, who can inspire others. There are rare who think of developing others.
  • The Listener : For every individual, it is important to listen. But the one who specially focus on listening are again rare. This isn’t just a good leadership quality in itself but another great quality to spot leaders in others.
  • Not a jack of all trades : A good leader isn’t a jack of all trades, but an expert in one. If a person is good in everything, then that either means he isn’t aware of his strengths, or there is some weakness that doesn’t make him best fit for the leadership role.
  • Always a trainee: Continuing to the last point, a leader must always be eager to learn more. S/he shouldn’t be like ‘I know it all’, but should always seek a mentor or advisor to master new skills.
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Well, these are the qualities that would help you identify a leader in your team. However, if you really wish to build a team of leaders, to match the challenges of tomorrow, then you need to prepare your workforce today.

How to prepare the future leaders for tomorrow?

Put development at forefront: There is a need of skilled workforce. Organizations need to build DIY approach to introduce development programs to learn new skills for improving current way of doing things.

Revamp the organizational structure:  If needed, you can work upon re-planning the organizational structure. To initiate more transparency & less bureaucracy create a structure in which an employee would not hesitate share an idea even to the top management.

Bridge the gap: Invest your time & resources to understand and identify causes of short & long term dilemma. It is high time that you work in bridging the gap and make a smooth move towards future.

Analyze the market: Know about the trends that are re-shaping & re-defining the future and can affect your business.

Encourage engagement & alignment: Keep the employees engaged & aligned as every individual can make an impact on organization’s growth.

So, these are a few initiatives that HRs and managers need to initiate and see a team of leaders in the organization. Also, here are some good books on leadership that would help you encourage leadership in your organization. Have a look:

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Good Reads/Audios On leadership:

What makes a leader: Why Emotional Intelligence matters: This volume committed to fostering stellar management, increasing performance, and driving innovation by Daniel Goleman’s is a must read for the leaders, coaches and educators. You can either buy these or can read it online.

Resonant Leadership: Inspiring Others Through Emotional Intelligence: This master class by Richard Boyatzis is another great audios which has to be there in your podcast. The 3-CD set offers you the tools to become the leader you want to be—including exercises to reassess valuable and effective techniques.

Leadership: A Master Class with Daniel Goleman (DVD set): This video collection in 8 parts shares depth interviews with respected leaders in executive management, organizational research, workplace psychology, negotiation and senior hiring.


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