IT Companies Breaking the ‘Bell Curve Appraisal System’ to Retain Talent

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It has been an average hike of 10-12%, which the employees of every generation have been expecting during their appraisal moment. Appraisals are typically once-a-year evaluation norm which have become monotonous in the previous years. For decades, companies have been following this bell-curve system of appraisals where the top, average and bottom performers are ranked differently towards the end of the year.

However, with the evolution of tech industry, HR leaders have visualized the changing needs of employees, as well as, the employers owing to which, presently more and more organizations are coming forward to provide more regular feedbacks and implement a review and appraisal system that is transparent, advanced and ‘not’ bell-curved.

Let’s have a look at the top IT giants that are coming out of the bell curve appraisal system

IT Companies Breaking the ‘Bell Curve Appraisal System’ to Retain Talent


This IT association has rolled out a new method to put in place the performance appraisal system. Known as, ‘iCount’, the company will reward employees and select all kinds of performers on the basis of specific targets. With a workforce of 193,000 employees, the brand is all set to discard the bell curve model and expand new horizons in the IT industry.


The tech company has taken a swift shift from its conventional ‘annual performance management’ system to an entirely new ‘performance achievement’ process’. This includes setting new priorities, creating opportunities which are rewarding for employees, and evaluating their growing strengths.  This approach is designed to attain a holistic view of performance delivered by each employee.


Adobe has said ‘good-bye’ to its age-old performance review process. Earlier where the employees of Adobe were assessed by their bosses once a year, now will receive instant and real-time feedbacks, which would help them have a clear direction towards their goals and become more productive in performance.

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‘Checkpoint’ is the new name given to IBM’s new system to review and appraise employees. According to the new system, employees will be receiving four reviews a year, replacing the old norm with one review a year. The new process would certainly help employees to become more focused to achieve the defined targets and employers to retain, as well as, engage employees for a longer haul.


Microsoft believes that bell curve model has killed the innovators in the company. Microsoft with its new system, focuses on alleviating the stress of work with continuous feedback. The latest employee review system will allow employers to provide four feedbacks a year where the discussions will be held to assess the performance done in the last quarter and what could be done in the next quarter.

 HCL Technologies

The software service provider, HCL has discarded the bel-curve model after the other tech giants took the step. The company is in the process of identifying departments where it can implement the review-based appraisal process.

The Performance appraisals have always been one of the biggest concerns for employees due to which they decide to settle down or switch to another company. While tech companies giving a kick-start with revamped employee appraisal system, more and more employers must adapt to new and motivating policies, which could help them engage, evaluate, encourage and appraise their employees.

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