Come out of your Comfort Zone!

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Applying for jobs just out of grad school or college, “comfort” seems like an ultimate goal. However, there is a difference between finding 9 to 6 job with set targets and achieving natural fit, 3 .

Come out of your Comfort Zone!
CareerBuilder_Come out of your Comfort Zone!

Evolution of technology is above par that push companies to move forward, learn consequently and embrace relevant technologies to be on top of the events. Have you ever given a thought what does this mean for your job in the next ten years?

When a person gets comfortable surroundings especially in the work world, he or she try to avoid the change. And stay for years where they find their comfort zone. However, it is one of the most damaging things that people do with their career.

Pushing yourself out of ease as a critical career success move

The dynamic nature of business world requires, both employees and employer to stay ahead of change. In an organization, everyone has to do so much in their part, whether it is launching a new idea, or a scale or size of an endeavor – has never been done before. This scenario sometimes seems daunting task as it includes elements of risk and oblige people to come out of their comfort zone.

It is reported, people who do this successfully find more opportunities around them and immensely make the positive difference. Such people create a fast track for accelerating their career path.

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If a person is willing to dive into new areas, then only he or she will be able to achieve a true differentiation.

It is time to shake up your Career

Remember, small steps are the foundation of big accomplishments. The difficult part of shaking things is taking the first step. It is scary, but here are 3 wonderful reasons why it is completely worth it;

  1. Unearth new skills

If you have been in your industry for too long, let’s say 5 years (minimum), you have developed definitive skill sets you use often. Hence, other strengths perhaps ignored.

Understand like this, if you work only on one muscle of your body it would not make you strong overall, instead make you imbalanced. Similarly, holding on to one key skill set in which you are exceptionally good would not make much difference in your career growth. Therefore, shaking things up in your career can assist you to identify new areas of expertise.

  1. You might fall back in love with your old job

On the contrary, agitating your career like trying new job or industry might backfire. As, you might hate the change and miss your old job. After trying something new, recommitting to your similar position or old industry eliminate the distress of “what ifs”? That were holding you back. You will find yourself more passionate and unswerving to your old job.

  1. You will grow as an employee and as a person
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Stepping out of your comfort zone may take you even in a circle or straight up on a roller coaster ride. However, in both scenario benefits will apparently offset the insinuating risks. Exploring new job opportunities around you will shake up the monotony out of your life, give you renewed and fresh outlook towards life and your job.

With emerging technology, even employers are forced to expand their recruitment horizon. Today, recruiters prefer those candidates who have a wide array of experience over those who has done the same job for decades. Though, this scenario is a bit contrasting for senior management positions, but valid for fresh graduates or middle management positions.

It is essential for fresh graduates to break free of your cocoon to gain diversified experience, enhance their creativity and decision-making skills under the pressure of new and different challenges.

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