Have you ever wondered that stress in your brain, psychological disorders and other torments that you through in your mind can stress you out to a level that can be difficult to come out of? The decrease in the degree of happiness quotient in the mind is a clear indication of some cognitive disorders in the mind. These disorders can lead to huge problems in the workplace sapping you out of productivity. They make you procrastinate more and work less, hence leaving you out of any real work.

External situations are still tolerable and can be taken care of, they can be solved but the internal problems of the brain are heard to understand. Becoming aware of your feelings and what you are going through thus becomes very important. Here is a list of cognitive distortions which plague your mind and also the possible measures for them-

All of it or nothing at all
Some of us just think in the black and white of things. Because there are no shades of grey, we believe in either losing it all or winning it all. And a lost situation puts more pressure on the mind than anything else, hence making you depressed and lonely. Making you feel that you are good for nothing and just don’t have it in you. But that is far from the truth. One event or situation which did not not go as planned does not mean there is any problem with the way you deal with things. You have to tell yourself that the next one would go as planned and in the best of way.

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Some of you have this tendency of over-generalizing things. Keeping them consistent with your negative thought process can spell doom for your working. How? Because you believe that all the wrong things happen to you, so when you think that way you are attracting just the wrong parts. Even if they aren’t too bad they are etched in your mind as so negative that you can’t help but make them so.

Habit of filtering the negative emotions in you and sifting out the positive is something people with a a lot of stress do. They like to keep things so messed up in their head that they just can’t let in positive vibes enter their brain waves. This is the worst you can do your mental health. Think about the happiness you received when the boss liked your plan, not about the huge blot you create in your mind when she pointed out a minor accounting flaw.

Jumping To Conclusions
O depressed soul! You have this thing of being too swift and jumping to conclusions when there are no facts to substantiate your statements. You just like to keep the negative scope too high and the positive too low. This in turn makes you so irrational and emotional weak, hence disqualifying your mind abilities to take good decision.

If you are suffering from cognitive distortions, surround yourself with great people and let their nice talks decrease the negativity of your mind. Better still, work on it yourself!

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