Civil Engineering Jobs in India

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Civil engineering is among few oldest engineering domains which have helped world civilization shape up its future. As an engineering domain is directly related to the infrastructural development of the country, civil engineering has helped the world develop its existing identity.

As one of the highly demanded career choices in India, Civil Engineering produces approximately 50,000 jobs annually. With approx. 12% annual growth rate, India is expected to need around 4 million civil engineers by 2020. High growth rate, industrialization, economic boom and business friendly government policies have directly affected the demand of engineering professionals in the country.

However, there are few challenges. Despite being biggest producer of engineering workforce, India is unable to lessen the demand-supply gap in the existing engineering market. This infographic on “Civil Engineering” powered by CareerBuilder, provides a deep insight on the current market scenario, challenges, existing job options and scope of civil engineering in India. It also highlights the skill demand and provides tips on how a candidate can frame his career in Civil Engineering in India.

Civil Engineering as a career Infographics - Career Builder


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