Curious minds always hold a special place in their hearts for science. Engineering becomes an obvious choice for those who can’t rest before getting to the root of inventions. Within the domain of engineering there are various domains that you can choose to specialize in.

From a list like instrumentation, software, mechanical, electrical, etc. if you pick chemical engineering as your expertise, it implies that you are someone who likes to know a subject to its simplest breakdown. While you might think that chemical compositions will be all that you would be required to study, the application of Physics and Mathematics to solving technical problems in the arena of chemical engineering might take you by surprise. Therefore, if you have your doubts about either of the two subjects, chemical engineering isn’t something that you’d enjoy studying.



In its simplest, chemical engineering is all about converting raw material into products of daily use. From the food we eat to the clothes we wear, everything consists of chemicals. Being involved in everything starting from the very basics, spanning to the most complex things, chemical engineering can never fade in popularity as a career demand.

CareerBuilder India brings  jobs in Chemical Engineering , explained as follows:

1. Research and Development: One of the most in vogue careers in the field of chemical engineering is R&D. Working in this department; you will be required to come up with innovative and new-age solutions to old as well as new problems with respect to improvisation in existing systems.

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2. Operations: An operations engineer is mostly placed onsite seeing to it that the plant is functioning to its full capacity. As one of them you will be required to take care that all products being manufactured, are being manufactured to match the set standard of quality. Moreover, you will also have to analyse and audit and the efficiency of the plant performance.

3. Design Engineer: If an operations engineer ensures the efficiency of the plant, the design engineer is responsible for studying the design of the process. As a design engineer you will have to have a thorough knowledge of PERT, CPMT and other techniques that help in analyzing process flow. A part of your job will be concerned with finding out the flaws of the process and improving the same.

Since chemical engineering is a verified field, it is possible for chemical engineers to further specialize in a single arena of chemical arena. They can pick from subjects like oxidization or polarization. They can also choose between products such as plastics, polymers, paper, rubber, iron etc. The Guardian writes, “Getting work experience either before you start studying chemical engineering or during your studies is recommended. You’ll get a better understanding of what the industry is all about and it’s not uncommon for students who make a good impression on placements to be offered a full-time job at the same company upon graduation.”

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