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5 years ago, i.e. in 2008 recruitment sector and organizations were working for/with job profiles which in a way exist today in different roles, but not those job titles which today exist. The amalgamation of 2-3 or even more job profiles have resulted into new job titles.Before we talk further on this; let us give a quick glance at a recent study conducted by LinkedIn on emerging job titles.

Recently, LinkedIn examined data of over 259 million members’ profiles and determined top 10 job titles which had no whereabouts by the year 2008. These job profiles are:

  • The IOS Developer
  • The Android Developer
  • The Zumba Instructor
  • The Social Media Intern
  • The Data Scientist
  • The UI/UX Designer (user interface/user experience)
  • The Big Data Architect
  • The Beach Body Coach
  • The Cloud Services Specialist
  • The Digital Marketing Specialist

The first two job profiles may be are not so surprising, as Apple & Google had then just announced the iPhone & Android platform, and thus the need of hour gave rise to these job titles. However, job titles like Zumba instructor or beach body coach are definitely amidst surprising titles, which had almost zero existence almost 5 years ago.

Now the question is ‘WHY’? Is it that the concept of Zumba dance or beach was new? Surely not! Then what?

According to experts, recession & competition are the two major reasons behind this. During recession, organizations think about cutting upon resources and then look forward to new candidates or existing employees, who can not only handle more work, but different sort of work too. This automatically gave birth to job roles, which did not even exist. Also, the rising competition in the job sector required better criteria to select candidate for which job description is made complex or refined to analyse the best match. Ultimately, a uniquely appealing job titles& roles emerge.

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One of such interesting job titles is of Chief Listening Officer. You might have heard about social media manager, which is also a recently emerged job role, but is still old; as now Chief Listening Officer is there too. With all his eyes & ears on social media channels, a CLO is responsible to be updated with social media channels and real life conversations to match up with what customers say or need.

Beth LaPierre, as a first CLO in 2010, listened to social media of Kodak by observing 300,000 mentions of Kodak on Facebook, Twitter, message forums, YouTube, blogs, and elsewhere on web to make the company deliver what its customers expects.

Regarding the emergence of such roles, a spokesperson from renowned recruitment company in India said: “Before social media, business was a one way channel of communication. The company talked, we listened. Now we’ve become accustomed to two-way conversations. We expect them to listen, and so we see these kinds of roles.”

The power of emerging job titles:

Here is a small incidence that would be sufficient to express the power of job titles. “A bicycle store owner was in doubt for how to retain his best employee and what he can offer him instead of a big raise, as he didn’t have that budget. He was then suggested to give a small raise and ask the employee to get the job title that he would like. The employee happily accepted the designation of Director of Bike Operations.” Job titles have no doubt a power to change attitude about the job.

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Before, we end, let us just have a quick look at the change in few compelling job titles:

You will notice Gas Station Attendants are now Petroleum Transfer Agents; Chief Blogger turned to Web Analyst or Chief Tweet Officer; ‘Director of Personal’ turned to Human Resources Administrator and then into Talent Strategists. And yes, the mothers, or wives who didn’t used to go out for work were called housewives, then domestic goddess, further ‘homemakers’ and now, they are ‘Household Managers’.

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