When you step into the second half of your life, change is something that most of you are not comfortable with. Especially in jobs where you have been in a particular company for long, you try to stick to it.  On the flip-side, there are jobs which pay well for all of those decades of experience you’ve gathered.  Nobody is written off because of ageism and companies now have a far sophisticated employment process which hardly takes age of the employee as a pressing concern.

Here are some job avenues which you can take up in the later stage of life and feel accomplished-

Career Coach

A career coach is somebody who trains young people on their career path. The older people do well as career coaches because they have an experience from various industries with them. Their guiding skills are more enhanced and they have much to speak about. Moreover, they appear trustworthy and wise to the students. Although, you can’t become career coach overtime, but the older people are better cut-out for the job.

 Custom Garment Maker

Garments remind us of the fashion industry and the glamour associated with it; it is generally taken to be a young profession, not any more. The custom garment makers are on the rise because of the rack clothes don’t fit people nicely, and hence arrives the need for these aged fellows to pull off some magic.  They are well suited for jobs which require customizations, as they have ample patience and perseverance to handle different kinds of clients.

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Assisted Living Facility Professional

The growing population of old people in their 70’s and 80’s requires people with experience to take care of them. The elderly living facilities do not require professionals to be all-day nurses, you just have to take the old people to outings and dispense medication to them. The aged prefer old adults, as they believe they can are trustworthy and have a pleasing personality.


Financial Advisor

Adults over 50 are ideal for the post of a financial advisor. The clients of financial companies’ think of the younger lot as the more risk taking generation. This way the youth is unable to establish trust. Whereas, the older lot proves to be more reliable while proposing advise to clients. The demeanor and stature looks much more experienced to the client.


Sustainability Coordinator

Sustainability Coordinator involves making business plans which are environmentally sound. Many adults entering their 50’s have great experience in project management. They have vast knowledge and can always add content in the business plans seamlessly. They prove to be brilliant managers who have the credibility to take this all new role in their stride.


Are you ready for a change?


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