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We have invaded into the New Year and it is extremely important to learn from the wrong hiring decisions you made last year. Every wrong hire left your company in to losses, which were hard to manage. While, the perfect candidates might not always perform good, HR can still prevent the worse consequences by taking a re-look into their hiring policy, which can turn out to become the right steps in the New Year.

So, how really can you identify the perfect fit in 2017?

Hiring Policy
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Primarily and foremost, the HR needs to clearly define the expectations they have from different job roles. Once those are figured out, it is imperative to evaluate whether a candidate possesses those skills at the time of interview. Last but not the least is the behavioural assessment. To actually judge if the candidate is ideal for the position, you must look for the right traits and avoid candidates who do not meet the ‘perfect fit’ criteria in the interview itself:

1. Perplexed perspective

Most important. Candidates who are low on self-confidence have less chances of knowing about how exactly they have to perform in their new roles. Such candidates turn up with responses like, “I wish I had known that question.”, “I cannot say anything about it.” Look for people who have a clear-vision in what they want to achieve from the role they have chosen for their career and what is the approach they carry towards achievement. In addition, identify if the candidate has a broader perspective or cribs on irrelevant stuff. Ask some non-IQ questions, which can help the hiring managers take the wise decision about the general intelligence of the candidate.

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2. Lack of leadership

Leaders are not those who get promoted while working from their desks. They are those who can make things happen, anytime and anywhere despite the challenges, come what may. Look for candidates who hold leadership traits and display a sense of responsibility towards the role they will be offered. Provide them skill tests and assess how many times they seek your assistance. This would uncover how hey tackle with challenges at work- solely or with assistance. This would clean up the chit whether they can be brought on board.

3. Team Building

The company might not be having a sufficient team, however, this must not impact the candidate who has appeared for the same team. The right candidate would have a blend of team building and team managing skills. At this juncture, recruiters must check whether the candidate is good enough to initiate the internal process or requires any training to take that charge.

4. Positive & Happy

A small trait yet important. One can bring a great difference to the organization owing to the attitude s/he carries. Candidates who are always in a complaining mode, do not find happiness in their job roles often vanish from the workplace as soon as they discover a new opportunity. Look out for candidates who have a positive attitude and are already contended with what they have today. Such unique candidates will truly turn out to be the A-players of your organization, who help to create an awesome work culture.

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5. Conflict Management

Individuals come from different fields, cultures, and background to work together at one place. Their indifferent natures and attitudes often result in conflicts at workplace. However, the art is to forgive the people who are creating a sense of negativity by rising above that. Hiring managers must look out for this trait in candidates while conducting interviews. They must comprehend that conflicts can happen with anyone, but how one manages and rises above them is essential. Hire those candidates who possess strong conflict management skills and confident enough to stay calm amidst worst events.

It’s high time that HR must take a step back to think and re-strategize its hiring policies, which can make all the difference in the New Year. Mindful hiring means better candidates, productive satisfied employees and a happy workplace.


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