Challenges Faced by Recruitment Industry

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We are in the fourth quarter of 2015 and to some extent recruiters have identified their challenges in recruiting the “right person for the right job”. In past few years, the human resource industry improvised in so many ways and overcome most of its challenges in part of – technology, recruitment and availability of skilled labor (talent acquisition), health and welfare, retention and success planning of employees, industrial and employee relations and workforce diversity.

Challenges Faced by Recruitment Industry
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Major challenges faced by HR managers and how to overcome them?

I will answer this question by highlighting some facts published in 2015 bya leading recruitment Study report.

  1. 52% respondents reported that over the past year “passive recruiting” strategy failed to attract highly qualified candidates. (This statistic is true inparticular, for mid-sized and large size companies.)
  2. 29% respondents reported, when filling a position, they have not seen enough candidates.
  3. 24% respondents accept the fact they do not use social media actively to recruit the candidates.
  4. The fourth biggest challenge among 20% respondents is the inability of recruiters to identify the factors that influence candidates to apply.
  5. 47% respondents accept that candidates respond to recruiter email at a much lower rate. On the other hand, 42% recruiters said candidates respond recruiter’s telephone calls less frequently
  6. 32% of participated hiring decision makers indicated that their job advertising approach as a part of their company recruitment process is outdated and demands a MAJOR UPGRADE.
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These facts and figures are eye-openers for the recruiters of 2015 to strategize smartly “quality of hire” process in their organization. These HR challenges call for better proactive talent management strategies.

What type of UPGRADE we as recruiters talking about?

As mentioned above we need to add some improvised strategies in our established recruitment process. According to, the LinkedIn Recruitment Trend report, we must develop plans by keeping following stats in mind:

  1. 63% recruitment leaders expect an increase in hiring volume whereas 46% look for an increase in hiring budget.
  2. Lack of interest in employer’s brand, location, compensation and competition are major issues experience by recruiters in their talent management process. These problems must be well-address by the recruitment leaders using alternative solutions.

How Talent Network fits in to overcome these challenges?

  • Reduces HR manager’s dependency on external media platform
  • Help in re-engaging the candidates
  • Mobile friendly career site
  • Personalized welcome emails to candidates
  • Recommendation emails are sent automatically to candidates without any manual interference
  • Call of action button – Place “Join Our Talent Network” tab on any site. This tool can be used to capture leads and grow your talent pipeline.
  • Easy accessibility to each candidate’s profile
  • Easy filtering options to filter down your target audience.
  • You can track, manage and rate your candidates
  • Keep the easy track of all recruitment related issues (summary, traffic, activity, members, jobs, etc.) under one common platform of Talent Network.
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