Diwali Celebrations and Productivity at Work

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To get the work done when employees are in the festive mood is a big task for managers and leaders. The leisure attitude at work during festival time mostly affects work deadlines, which might lead to spoiled festive holiday mood or leaves might getting cancelled. Since Diwali celebrations have already begun, here are few ways to tackle festive madness and getting work done without affecting your team’s festive fun.

Diwali Celebrations and Productivity at Work
CareerBuilder_Celebration and Work Balance
  • ‘Celebrations on my mind’ kind of employees

These are the ones who constantly hop on to their team mates’ desks to talk about their celebration plans. In short, they are everywhere except their workstations.

What you need to do?

Yes, managers have to be pretty leeway and understand that it is easy to get swayed away when joy is in the air. But on the same hand, celebrations cannot be made on the cost of work; they have to manage the workflow, that’s what their task is. The best way to manage such employees is to pre-assign the work. Fix what they are accountable for before the holidays begin and then it is up to them how they would manage the work.

  • ‘I need extended vacations’ kind of Employees

Be it for travelling to hometown or for enjoying festivals, these are the employees who look forward to an excuse of getting long break from work and celebrate festivals.

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What you need to do?

Since this is festival time, be prepared to see lots of leave applications in your inbox. You would need to engage in one on one conversation with every employee to convince them either for canceling the leaves, postponing leaves, or cutting the duration, because you cannot send half of your team on vacations on the cost of work. Once you sort this out, explore options like flexi-work or work from home options to get important tasks done.

  • ‘Let’s celebrate’ kind of employees

“Team India wins cricket match-oh wow let’s party”, “Oh, You cousin’s best friend is getting married, we need party”, “It’s Diwali/Holi/Christmas/Halloween. We should party.” All those in your team who constantly ask you to celebrate each and every occasion at workplace come under this category.

What you need to do?

Getting together often engages employees and is good for team. This way they can celebrate the time and yet stay productive at work. But making it a weekly practice and compromising work isn’t really acceptable. You need to be tactful to deal with such team members; you would need to be tactful. You have to learn how to refuse their demands for party or make it settle for snack treat. Or must cater to all such demands once all the work is done and deadlines are met.


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With these tips, it will not be difficult for you to manage work and let your team enjoy the Diwali celebrations.


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