CareerBuilder India Confluence 2016

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November comes And November goes, With the last red berries And the first white snows” – Clyde Watson

Yes, the autumn month of November does come and go, bringing along with it red berries and white snows. While this November could also have passed by like any other, but for CareerBuilder (CB) Team India, it will always remain special.  The events of the month will linger in the memories of CB Team India for eons to come.

Team India held its annual meet titled, Confluence 2016 from November 10th to November 13th at Kerala—the land of beautiful back waters, azure lakes and of course spices. The event was a mix of fun, leisure activities, some business discussions, competitions and of course revelries.

Zuri Hotel was the host for the event and gave Team India a grand welcome. Located right beside the Vembanad Lake, the property was class apart, with most of the cottages and rooms overlooking the lake. Needless to say that the property succeeded in recreating a ‘mini Kerala’ with the manicured lawns and trees all around.

Day 1: The first day, witnessed the arrival of Team India followed by a lavish lunch. Leisure activities like boating and chilling at the poolside were some of the  activities were thoroughly enjoyed by the employees. A karaoke party along with drinks was slated to take place at the poolside in the evening. Employees tried and tested their skills at singing at the karaoke evening while sipping on the drinks and also shaking a leg along with it.

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Day 2: Second day’s event started off with a business discussion by the heads of the organisation followed by employee presentations. The employees were divided into six living groups and were given certain tasks to complete, upon which they were ranked. The first was analyzing a case study and coming up with their presentations and in the second task, a case was given impromptu, which was to be solved and presented by each group.

The best living group in each category was given Amazon vouchers worth INR 5000/- each.

CareerBuilder India Confluence 2016


In the first task, each group presented their case studies accordingly; some were good while some were average. Some were engaging, some not so engaging. But what drove the overall exercise was the spirit with which each team performed. Energy, excitement and enthusiasm exuded in each member of the groups.

Before the sunset, the CB Team India, embarked on a Backwater Cruise in the azure waters of the Vembanad Lake. Revelry spirits could not be curbed as employees indulged in casual jigs along with chilled beers and music being played at the background.

Post cruise, the evening was slated for a DJ night where each and every employee took to the dance floor and unleashed the Michael Jackson within them. The same conference room was transformed into a dance floor with psychedelic lights and a bar where everyone indulged in some merrymaking. The same evening observed the achievers of CB Team India for the year 2016 being honored with prizes.

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Once the event was over, all hit the dance floor again. Everyone danced till they dropped and the night finally wound up with a lavish seven course dinner.

Day 3: the next day, – post breakfast, saw the living groups being given an impromptu task where the members posing as CEOs of CB, had to come up with a concrete plan in order to ensure more business and growth for CB. The task witnessed much nerve wracking and brain teasing on the part of the members of each group and finally coming up with their ideas. Presentations based on the activity gave an interesting insight into business ideas and of course the team spirit. Some presentations were truly noteworthy while some required some more efforts. Nonetheless, the second session of presentations equally showcased the team spirit of each member and of course their commitment towards assigned tasks.

Post lunch the living groups took part in the Kerala Boat Race competition. The six groups were clubbed into two and they took part in the boat race competition at the water body within the property premises. Each and every member took up on them the responsibility for the job and executed the same with utter perfection. Team spirit and a competitiveness was evident here as well. Finally, at the end of the relay, the winning team took away the trophy.

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On the final day of Confluence 2016, the coordinators organised a cultural evening with Kerala Theme Party. The event required the employees to dress in the traditional Kerala Mundu attire and assemble at the banquet hall where a cultural program was organized. Danseuses performed traditional dances like kathakali and koodiattaym. A short performance of the traditional martial arts kalaripayuttu was also showcased by professional dancers. After a gala dinner, every one assembled at the banquet hall where the winners of the living group presentations were announced. The winning group received gift vouchers worth INR 5000 (for each member). Finally, the event came to a conclusion after a small JAM session. Individual gifts were also given to each and every employee of CareerBuilder India.

Next morning, after breakfast, CB Team India bid goodbye to Kumarakom and left the Land of Spices with a heavy heart, looking forward to the next Confluence.

November 2016, was after all a memorable month for CB employees, not for red berries and white snows—but definitely for some red wine and the bright autumn sun.

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