Google Cloud Jobs API

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CareerBuilder has always been innovation-driven in the human capital space by collaborating with others and creating erudite technology from the square one. Yesterday, CareerBuilder announced its plans to use Google Cloud Jobs API to support job seekers connect with the right employers faster.

Google Cloud Jobs API

The current scenario

Presently, CareerBuilder is running experiments with Google Cloud Jobs API to power searches on CareerBuilder U.S job site. The entire collaboration is taking place in a test environment with the intent of bringing it into production in the future.

Equipped with in-depth knowledge in human capital management and profound insight in recruitment, CareerBuilder is leveraging the extent of Google’s proficiency in machine learning to provide more relevant, swifter results for individuals looking for jobs.

Also, earlier tests exhibit positive results in helping job seekers discover opportunities and find the most relevant jobs they would not have substantially surfaced.

Google says that CareerBuilder created “a prototype in just 48 hours, found improved, more accurate results when compared to its existing search algorithm.”

What is Google Cloud Jobs API?

It is a newest cloud-based machine learning API (Application Program Interface) presented by Google Cloud Platform. Cloud Jobs API offers exceedingly automatic job search that forestall what job seekers are searching for and turn up targeted recommendations support them to realise new opportunities.

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How does it work?

The API exercises machine learning to recognise how skills and job titles relate to one another. Moreover, what location, job content and seniority are the closest matches for a job seeker’s preference – it is how Google Cloud Jobs API offer most relevant search results and recommendations.

Why CareerBuilder collaborated with Google?

“CareerBuilder will be able to layer our rich domain expertise over Google’s extensive search capabilities, opening the door to new efficiency and opportunities for our business, clients and users,” said Matt Ferguson, CEO of CareerBuilder.

“Collaborating with Google is part of our innovation strategy,” Ferguson added.

CareerBuilder has built an exceedingly intuitive and transparent job search experience – Focused on accuracy, speed, freshness and comprehensiveness of results.

Key enhancements include

– Personalised homepage for users based on their job apply and browsing history.

–  Registered users can fine-tune their communications as they can see which search terms employers are using to discover them and which companies are looking at their resume.

– Registered users can see aggregated data on other candidate’s education and experience who have already applied for the same position. It helps them identify how likely an employer will be to respond them.

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– New Semantic Library launched by CareerBuilder is designed to recommend similar search queries enabling Job seekers to get in front of jobs they might not have otherwise seen.

Let’s talk about the features of Google Cloud Jobs API

1. Job Enrichment. It spontaneously improves the job content with relevant supplementary information like employment type, street address, etc.

2. Synonym and Acronym Expansion. The search results also elaborate the company or industry specific jargon that job seeker might not be familiar with.

3. Seniority Alignment. The jobs API returns relevant results based on seniority positions as well.

4. Advanced Location Mapping. It is empowered to interpret several forms of location to precise Geo-coordinates.

5. Dynamic Recommendation Engine. The cloud jobs API also allow job seekers to mark which job they like, and they don’t like. Based on job seeker preference more relevant recommendations will be provided.

6. Real Time Query Broadening. The search can also be expanded to seniority, location and roles in a similar occupational category.

Collaborating with Google is an active step that CareerBuilder taken in the series of investments to enhance its site. Using Cloud Jobs API will enable CareerBuilder to accelerate developments in the area of job search delivering better user experience for both job seekers and employers.

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