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August 21, 2016; Noida – The celebrations to mark the 70th Independence Day of India were commenced on 12th of August at CareerBuilder’s three different branches – Noida, Bangalore, & Mumbai. Several activities were lined up for the day to create the patriotic fervor amongst employees.

CareerBuilder in all the cities was alluring to the eyes with office decorations, appeared in sensational tri colors- orange, white and green. A perfect blend of balloons and flags was used to accentuate the beauty of the IT organization. The day started with a unique competition called ‘Your views on Independence Day’, allotted with 1-hour time to participants to describe their ideas in four sentences. While, this was going on, employees of CB were busy taking snapshots, highlighting their tri-color attires.  Ethnic yet smart, not just the employees were cheerful on the day but also showed a sense of pride and devotion with their company by taking enthusiastic participation in all the activities organized for the day. Male and female employees, all dressed up and waiting for the ‘best dressed male’ and ‘best dressed female’ to be announced at the end day of the day.


What more? The fun and cultural committee did not skip a moment to engage the crowd, which was already in the mood and harmony of celebrating the Independence Day. After those awesome pictures and background music soothing the senses of our colleagues, it was time for the most awaited ‘Italian Lunch’ at The Italian Bistro. Want to know what CareeBuilder employees relished on their Independence Day celebrations? ‘Mushroom Bruchettas’, ‘Penne Pasta’, ‘Cucumber Drinks’, ‘Potato Wedges’, ‘Paneer Pizzas’, and ‘Brownies’. The meal really added an oomph factor to their evening. Chats over drinks in a Vintage themed restaurant, it was a real delight.

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After a delightful lunch, employees now simply had to stretch themselves for the most exciting and awaited competition- ‘Canvas Painting’. Bad, average or perfect- artists were born and came into the notice of CareerBuilder when paintings depicting amazing ideas caught the eyeballs of everyone. Colorful, thoughtful and creative- employees and their paintings showed the true sense of compassion and pride and enthusiasm towards their company, and the country. The 1-hour competition was flooded with jokes, music in the background, laughs and more laughs. The five teams were asked to give a unique or patriotic name to their painting team, which sounded like- ‘Ekta- Bhaarat Ki’, ‘Freedom Fighter’, ‘ Vandependence’, ‘Jai Hind’ & ‘Painter Babu’ . Did that sound creative? Indeed! It was as imaginative as the spirit of our enthusiastic employees across the 3 branches of CareerBuilder- Noida, Bangalore and Mumbai. While all the employees strived to deliver the best paintings, the winners were truly outstanding.

Independence Day

The time was flying by but the fun at these 3 locations did not seem to be ending. Everyone was dying to wait for the results to be announced. Finally the ‘best painting winners’ was announced and vouchers of Rs. 2500 were gifted across, followed by other results of the day. CareerBuilder did actually make a point to engage and acknowledge every employee who participated in the celebrations. By chocolates of vouchers, Italian lunch or gifts, the organization proved how important the employees are for the company.

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70th Independence Day did emerge as a wonderful memory, which employees of all branches across India would cherish forever.

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