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A corporate career site is an organization’s most valuable asset that plays a significant role in attracting the right candidates to it. It helps you represent your company on a larger scale and also create a strong employment brand over the web. If handled effectively, your career site can excellently highlight the core values of your organization and the kind of atmosphere it provides to its employees, and in a way can target the best of the talent. All of it together can immensely boost your brand value and increase quality and quantity of your direct hires.

Around 40% of the top organizations believe that hiring sites and job boards will be replaced by company’s corporate website in 5 years. Take a note from the likes of Google, Apple, Pepsi, General Mills, ITV, Spotify and PWC among others, whose career sites are equally mind blowing as their corporate websites. Their websites are created in a manner that provides a clear understanding of their brand message. The result? Candidates feel excited to be a part of such a great organization.

Your career site offers a broad understanding of the potential candidates for, what it would be like to work for your company. More than 90% organizations believe that having a career website drastically reduces the time spend on searching and hiring the right candidate for the organization. A strategically designed website effectively engages the right candidates, even before they decide to hit the “apply button.” The right engagement elements a career site should possess include, a glimpse to the potential applicants about the environment they will get, the kind of people they will be working and the milestones they will be working towards to achieve in your organization. As most of the candidates look way beyond just salary and benefits while joining a company, this is where corporate career sites come into the picture to represent your brand as a potential organization.

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The career sites are often an organization’s first impression and reflection of its brand name and work culture. This ultimate branding resource is often too underexploited that it fails to woo and excite the right candidates. The below-given infographic provides some vital facts related with career websites. Have a look.


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