Every game is a great teacher. Whether it is a simple game of snakes and ladders or something as complex as monopoly, besides being a source of entertainment, these pastimes bring with them essential life learning experiences. Likewise is the case with the game of Go karting. CareerBuilder India unfolds how a game that relates to racing, sliding, and driving, can teach you a few things about career and work life. The following are a few takeaways from the game:

1. Practice: Go karting requires you to have a prior understanding about everything. You must be careful about everything starting from the track to the kart to the style of karting that you are the most comfortable with. Unless you understand the basics completely, the game wouldn’t be much fun. Similarly, it is essential to be familiar with requirements of any job that you wish to take up. There has to be a thorough understanding of what the job requires, and how you can do the best.
2. Plan Your Path: It is important to know the cuts and turns in the game of karting. Most of that comes by practicing. However, it is also required of you to chart out which path you should take. This gives you an edge over the other players. Pick the path that you can easily manage to drive. Keep adding to the challenge by taking up different tracks sequentially. Likewise, in your career too, you need to choose a path that makes the best use of your knowledge, skills and ability.
3. Team Work and Strategy: In the game of Karting, there is something known as ‘passes’. A well-timed pass often results in the team’s victory. A wrong pass can result in a huge loss. Similar to this set-up is the framework of a team, or of a organization. Being a part of the team, you need to understand when to take responsibility and when to delegate responsibility.
4. Maintain Distance: If you frequently bump into someone else’s kart while karting, you will shortly be asked to leave. You need to maintain a fair amount of distance from others who are driving on the same track. Compete, don’t clash! Adopt a similar mantra for your work-place and you will definitely emerge victorious.

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Karting is a competitive game. But the above mentioned points are not just focused on that one perspective. They bring out the minute details that you need to look into, for making the most out of the game. They are definitely some of the most crucial tips for success in any career field, be it Banking, IT, or any other.

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