Christine Lagarde is a renowned name in the world of Finance, Law and politics. A French lawyer and a Union for a Popular Movement politician who also is a Managing Director for the IMF, is truly a lady who knows the legal implications of everything like the back of her hand.


She is always in news and makes headlines again by calling U.S. Budget Cuts ‘Inappropriate’. And, while she manages to make head turns, or rather nod with every decision that she makes, CareerBuilder India brings a few career lessons that you can cull from the lady, to incorporate in your professional life:

  1. Good Education is the Key: While the debate between degree and experience is a never ending one, Christine emphasizes that good education is a clear winner. The lady herself has obtained first-class education and she preaches only what she has practiced. Therefore, her first career lesson would undoubtedly be to get a good education.
  2. Have a Role Model: Now, we are not saying that you should make Christine your inspirational figure. You just need to have a role model who you can look up to or take cue from while making career decisions. Christine considered her mom, and her first boss to be very strong role models for her. You can take your pick from celebs to leaders to your own boss or mentors.
  3. Think Big: Yes, that’s not just any piece of advice; it is THE piece of advice. And if thinking big means thinking global, so be it! The ability to think from a global perspective instils enough agility in your acts and arms you with out of box thinking. Christine polished her ability to think globally by because of her overseas schooling and by being an invincible part of global institutes like IMF.
  4. Hold Politics Dear: And even if it’s something that you can’t hold dear, at least make an effort to know it. The more you understand politics, the better you will be deal with it. Moreover, you will be seen as someone who keeps interest in current affairs. Undeniably then you’ll be a sought intelligent resource.
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Having known the taste of hard work and that of smart work as well, Christine today is a leading inspiration for millions. She is a powerful person who believes in the miracles of an open mind.

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