The fifties are the full-stop to everything that is hectic and challenging. And, also to everything that requires you to make things happen. That is the way most people think. The common notion (which for some reason is also the most accepted one) is that you begin your career in the early twenties, touch the peek in mid thirties or early forties, and by the time that you are ready to hit the fifties you start packing your bags for the vacation ‘officially’ known as retirement.

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A story recently published in Forbes has something different to offer. It publishes an inspiring story of a certain Shapiro, a mother of two in Larchmont, N.Y. But it is not her story alone. It is that of Benjamin too, a woman in her 50s who got bored with her career.

Today, the two women make moolah out of content and the potential that their site promises.

CareerBuilder India, culls the learning from this inspiring story and writes about five careers that people in their 50s can consider:

1. Career Coaches: If you pick ‘coaching’ as a career option it will be the best choice you can ever make, provided you are fond of interacting and advising. In fact, this is one career in which age can work as an advantage, and where your counselling can really make a difference.

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2. Cultural Advisors: Fond of travelling? Pick a career in cultural advising. At 50, give life a chance to treat you amazingly and get to travel far and near. Bring your experiences to those who wish to be cultural experts and make money out of all this. Sounds simply great, doesn’t it?

3. Custom Designers: The fashion industry is open to people of any age when it comes to the niche of custom design. Unlike what is believed, fashion is not just about young models. It is also about wise brains and knowledge. The reason that custom designing can be a great career for you after 50 is that the industry is booming. Another point is that you will have the upper hand in managing your work.

4. Financial Advisors: Time is proof that youth has never been a good judge of money matters. It is only when you have earned, saved, invested and lent some that you really begin to understand the value of money. And until you reach your late 40s, you will not be able to learn all that. Being a financial advisor in your 50s will help you use your wisdom for a good reason.

5. Ghostwriter: Writing is a great career option at any age. Whether you are 5 years old or in your 50s. Ghosting is, however, one of the choicest careers for those on the wiser side of the age because at that point of time you have a whole lot of knowledge (on almost every topic) to write on in a mature manner.

A lot many women in their 50s choose the wrong career path, if they really dare to choose one. For most the change is about changing the entire equation. Chron, an online source publishes an Article that talks about how “can be a time for taking stock and reviving interests and passions that were once set aside. If you are lucky enough to have built up a bit of a financial cushion, you may have the freedom to start again in a new career.”

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