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The latest buzz is that 93 million people daily play Candy Crush Saga. Does it mean that this mind-numbingly, sweetened game has simply addicted the people or does it mean that the game is simply superb?

No wonders, from past few months, Candy Crush Saga has become a common game, as one can notice the co-travelers in the metros or buses or the colleagues at the office obsessively nudging fingers at the screen of bright & colorful candies (let’s consider ourselves under obvious category!). But still, it is not ‘an addictive game’, rather it is a path to carve the professional skills and enhance career opportunities (that’s what you have to say if somebody mock you of being a Candy Crush Addict).

Here are the reasons, for how Candy Crush acts as crash course to boost career.

# To clear the candy crush level, there requires no hard strategies or tactics, you just have to match the similar candies and score points by being little reflex and observant. Similarly, at your work, to meet your daily goals, making strategies isn’t the trick, you just have to ensure that things fall well in place and you do them with equal concentration and zeal.

# Since school days, every child is told about developing healthy competitive spirit to move ahead. It seems everyone has learned it well, that’s the reason there is desperation in clearing game’s levels soon and beat the friends who are leading ahead. (Not to forget, here, this competitive spirit is not just healthy, but more fun filled and result-oriented as well). You need the similar spirit at work to see your professional career going way ahead.

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# The initial levels of this game are simple & easy to pass, which give a sense of satisfaction. This becomes a mini accomplishment for the player’s mind, as it releases neurochemical dopamine, which is responsible for reinforcing human actions that further supports in learning & recreating behavior. However, gradually the difficulty level rises with levels, so that you do not get bored with the gumdrops or jelly beans. Consider this with your job as well. Start your day at office with completing all the basic & easy tasks to develop the feeling of satisfaction, and then gradually consider the next difficult task as a challenge to defeat your previous performance or of the one’s who are doing good than you.

# Being on time is another skill that the candy crush players are getting experienced with. Every level has to be cleared with earning specific number of points in a limited time (while destroying all the challenges that hinder in reaching the goal). Needless to explain, how important is this habit for every professional.

# Also, to successfully clear the level in limited time, it is important to discard all the dangerous candies like chocolate & bomb on the board first. The reasons which are hindering you to reach your work goal should also be eliminated first, if one has to meet the work goals perfectly in the set time.


# The easy way to move ahead in the game or to score better, inviting friends to play is the key. This is the teamwork, that makes stuffs easy. (Is there a need to talk about why professionally teamwork is important? I guess no!)

# The purpose behind Candy Crush is mere fun and enjoyment. Likewise, it conveys that the work is simple if you’ll start enjoying it. So, simply enjoy doing every little or major task at work, and you would also get addicted to your office, like you are to the Candy Crush.

# Not to miss, we all need something good to waste our time at different moments (for which, many of us generally use the term ‘relaxing’ as this sounds more justified), for that sake, Candy Crush Saga even blends well with the daily work life, as when you do not feel to work, you can surely lighten your mood with a game of Candy Crush Saga.

# Last but not the least, there is a connection between the two. More you clear the levels of Candy Crush Saga, better would be your performance at the office; the only condition here is that you need to understand the points mentioned above and stay conscious about them.

So, from next time, these reasons would help you defend yourself if somebody would tag you as ‘CC Addict’.

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