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In the domain of social media recruitment, Google Plus is often ignored. It is rather surprising that despite being a treasure trove for candidate sourcing, it is often written off by recruiters and employers looking to hire.

However, if delved deep, recruiters can make more out of Google Plus and reap enormous benefits from the social channel regarding candidate sourcing.

A few statistics about Google Plus (2016 figures)

==> Monthly active users: 440 million

==> Number of profiles currently: 2.2 billion

==> Average time spent by each user: 12 minutes a day

==> Top countries: USA, India, Brazil, UK, Canada


Reasons to use Google Plus for sourcing candidates

There are ample reasons as to why should you consider candidate sourcing via Google Plus. These include the following

i. Focus on the average profiles that are up on the social channels, rather than going by the numbers. Google Plus is somewhat for the tech-savvy professionals. So, if you are looking towards tech-hires, Google Plus is an excellent platform.

ii. What distinguishes Google Plus or G+ from others is the fact that users do not put up a profile somewhat resembling their resumes. Recruiters can get a hint of their personality from the posts they share and the comments they make. Google Plus is more focused on the user’s personality.

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iii. Whenever we think of Google, we believe it as the largest searching engine, a great email platform, a blogging platform and of course YouTube. So, why not Google Plus? It’s social channel – where all these important aspects are integrated.

iv. You can send emails to Google+ users even if you do not have their email addresses.

3 best ways to optimize Google Plus for candidate sourcing

Now that we have known the reasons to turn to Google Plus for candidate sourcing, lets’ look at the best ways to leverage Google Plus (G+) for sourcing job candidates.

A. Create an awesome Google Plus Profile

The first step towards candidate sourcing via Google Plus is to create an awesome Google Plus profile. Ensure that the profile is packed with all kinds of information along with relevant keywords and web links. Also, ensure that you have a good cover photo and a profile picture (logo) of your company.

B. Connect with the right people

Connecting with the right people is an important aspect of candidate sourcing via Google Plus. The social channel has a feature named Circles, and it is one of the best ways to connect with prospective job candidates. The G+ social circle will determine the success of your recruitment campaigns. Do not limit yourself to job hunters; expand and connect with as many professionals as you can.

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As a recruiter, you can send emails to all connections in your circle. Such a move will enable you to develop personalized communication and of course, enhance your candidate sourcing strategy.

C. Use the Google+ Hangout feature

The feature named Hangout is a useful one and recruiters must leverage the benefits of the same. The main purpose of this Hangout feature is – it connects users with each other. Needless to say, it can connect recruiters with potential employees.

However, understand the key to success is to add the right people in your circles and thereby attract them.

The final words

As Google+ looks forward to create new features, tap new users, update displays and develop the offering, this social network will become more prominent. With the added features, Google+ will continue to be a hot spot for tech-savvy users looking to multiply their professional networks. When organizations think about candidate sourcing, especially in the domain of tech, they should consider tapping into the wealth of candidates currently plugged into Google+.

Accessing these predictions is easy once companies and recruiters know how to harness the features of Google+ for their candidate sourcing needs.

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