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Candidate engagement is one of the major challenges faced by the global recruitment industry. With rising cost of procurement, escalating market competition, increasing technical intervention and rising job seeker awareness, the hunt for talent is much challenging than ever before.

Finding the best candidate to fill an open position often means creating significant engagement and meaningful conversation with the top talent. This kind of interactive conversation from employer’s end not only provides an opportunity to the potential candidate but also help employer on the engagement part.

However, below listed industry data depict the poor state of candidate engagement currently:

  • According to CareerBuilder’s market survey, around 75 percent of the job seekers said, they applied for a job but never heard back from the recruiter.
  • Around 82 percent of the job seekers expect some kind of active engagement on the recruiter’s part during the interview
  • Around 42 percent of the job seekers would never get back to the same company they have applied before due to the poor engagement.
  • Around 22 percent candidates keep personal references and contacts a huge part of their job search process.

3 Known Major Challenges for Recruiters…

  1. Mounting Talent Competition

The recruitment industry is one of the most competitive markets today. In order to stay ahead in the competition, a recruiter must consider the competing opportunities that your candidates might be considering.

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‘Be where your candidates are’ should be the prime mantra of every recruiter’s engagement policy. This makes for a presence in all possible channels where candidates are searching for jobs, including job boards and social media channels.

  1. No Relevant Talent Pool

Engaging the top talent is the second major hurdle faced by the recruiters today. Attracting relevant candidate and creating an internal candidate pool is what recruiters must focus firstly. Identifying the pain points faced by the candidates in the recruitment process and finding the suitable candidate for an open job position is further critical.

  1. Minimal Candidate Relationship

Evaluation is a two-way street. As employers put their effort in evaluating a candidate, surprisingly candidates are doing the same. Recruiter’s effort to establish an early rapport and relationship with the candidate is an important aspect which an applicant looks into. Interactive communication is a major part of candidate engagement. However most of the companies currently fail to establish an early rapport with candidates.


What recruiters need today is a technology, which not only helps them attract relevant talent pool but also works on engaging them automatically.

Talentstream Engage is a solution that helps an employer with these major benefits:

  • Candidate Awareness
  • Candidate Engagement
  • Optimized Virtual Presence
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A solution that not only helps them on-board smart hires, but also helps them establish their employer brand. CareerBuilder’s Talentstream engage is one such software solution which helps recruiter fight three problems:

  • A search engine friendly, Mobile Optimized Career Site – Allows recruiters to apply for open positions and helps the employer be ‘where the candidates are’
  • Internal Candidate Pool – Allows recruiters to build their own pool of talent
  • Automated Candidate Engagement – Allows recruiters to build an early relationship with the candidate

Candidate engagement is a critical part of the recruitment process, which requires constant engagement efforts. Talentstream Engage helps you to automate the recruitment process and becomes a trusted resource for interested candidates.

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