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Blogging has evolved as an internal part and vital need of the digital landscape. Presently, we all read blogs. Official, news-based, personal, informative, interactive, or entertaining- blogging is ruling the world of online culture.  Not only this, blogging has established an important seat in almost every industry. Employers can’t think of doing a business without having a website that is live with a blogging page. They know their customers are around the web to search for them. And blogging, just makes it easier to sell what is hard to be sold at the doorstep at one go.

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However, blogging was not always carrying this popularity crown. It too has its share of history.

The History of Blogging

The first blog was created by Justin Hall and termed as Justin, a student of Swarthmore College in 1994 did not have any idea about giving a name to this piece of writing so he simply termed the blog as his personal homepage. It was 1997 when the word ‘weblog’ was established, which was altered to ‘blog’ in 1999. Ever since 2006, the visibility of blogs witnessed an exponential growth. The number reached to 50 million blogs.

Why Your Business Needs a Blog Today?

If you are an established brand, your business needs to scale a level up. If you are a startup, you need business- simple.  To understand better, CareerBuilder presents you the top 10 reasons about why you must have a blog:

  1. Blog fuels SEO. Search engines will take your content on the top of google search engines.
  1. A blog is your direct communication channel. Sharing timely and relevant content with potential customers will help you reach out to their needs.
  1. Posting a blog will enhance your marketing strategies to drive greater traffic. After all, all that you want is- backlinks to your website!
  1. Once your blog is published, it is live forever. You can always go back and enhance brand awareness as well as, your individual identity across the world. “Blog is an asset- you own it!”
  1. Blogging for your website would help you earn community trust.
  1. Blogging will create free PR for you. The better you will write, the more media attention will it drive. – Isn’t your business worth being a Press figure?
  1. A safe platform to launch your new products and services, blogging will enable you target millions of users at one go.
  1. Blogs for your company will derive relationships and sales from clients. Customers will consider you as reliable in the industry and will get back to you to buy. ‘New customers- that’s ultimately you work for!’
  1. Through blog analytics, you can track your audience, their sources, and post topics in which they are most interested in.
  1. With blogging, you can be on top of all the social media channels- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Kinja, Medium to stay connected with your mass readers. Your brand will become a public figure and the audience will always be excited to know what you are up to.
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Blogging has come a long way stretching its roots in the online marketing industry. If you have a fantastic blog going, nobody can stop your readers to land down on your website and say, “We want to buy/collaborate!”

If you are in the stage of growing your business, know what you need to do:

  • Hire Content writers with exceptional writing skills and fluency in English.
  • Hire Content Editors/Managers to ensure the content is unique, engaging, and grammatically correct.
  • Hire SEO experts & SEO managers to ensure the right flow & maximum traffic of the content.
  • Hire SMO experts & SMO managers to ensure the smooth branding of your brand via content on all social media platforms.

Building such a team will ensure your company blog and back linking blogs are on the top search engines.

Going forward, what you need to preach to your new employees?

8 tips for writing an engaging & traffic-oriented blog:

  1. Invest your time researching for trending topics, leave traditional writing about ‘how to do’ ‘what to do’.
  2. Know your audience and choose a style of writing that is understandable for them. – Keep English easy & vocabulary strong.
  3. Avoid plagiarism- Good writers are innovators!
  4. Use vibrant images & videos as much as possible.
  5. Add catchy headlines to mark the first best impression.
  6. Use sub-headings, bullets, small paragraphs to make it an interesting read.
  7. Keep the conversation tone semi-formal.
  8. Stuff keywords but not look like a ‘keyword-stuffer’.
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If you have nailed the art of engaging blogging, understood the significance of effective business blogs, and mastered the skill of SEO, then the victory for your new establishment or an old venture is certain.

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