Apple rolled out a major software update of its operating system last week. The all new  iOS7 is a cut above all other updates that Apple ever rolled out.. The shiny new interface, the filters in the camera, the Air Push AND Air Drop features have made iPhone users to go gaga over this new update. The adoption rate of iOS 7 was on a major high! It is interactive and simpler and people are loving it.


Here is a list of business apps you should look forward to on your iOS 7 –



The popular professional app has been redesigned for iOS 7. The notes made in the app can now be shared via the Air Drop feature seamlessly, coupled with faster syncing and dynamic sections which sow up when you use them and vanish when you don’t.


The much used video chat app was recently made iOS 7 friendly. It lets you join group calls on your iPhone. The video quality has drastically improved along with easier options and greater usability.



The fast and easy to use calendar app that schedules meetings for you and takes dictations is just as easy to use on iOS 7. The app is going through heavy upgrades to accommodate the newer platform.

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The project manager app for work groups, it helps track tasks, set deadlines, share files via services like Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive. The advanced version on iOS7 lets you send private messages with the help of Air Drop.


This professional email app has been transformed for iOS 7 with greater compatibility and stability. This app which treats your mailbox as a to-do-list has been specially flattened and streamlined for a powerful iOS 7 experience. It is now being made more dynamic for the new interface.

Tell us about the apps you found best on the new iOS 7 ?

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