trust at the workplace

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How many people trust their managers or employers? Have you ever wondered? Well, researchers reveal that only one in every three employees tends to trust their managers (a recent study conducted by Edelman). In another study conducted by EY, the number was even lower with only 46% believing their managers and only 49% of them having faith in their boss or team leader.

However, trust is one of the major factors that you need in the workplace. Without the trust factor, it is almost impossible for an organisation to perform. The lack of “trust at the workplace” will lead to a kind of sordid environment where most employees will feel unwanted and will not be able to perform at all. Therefore, a place of work needs to be developed where there is confidence.

trust at the workplace

How is it possible to establish trust at the workplace? What can the human resources (HR) department do? Most importantly, what should managers do to win the trust of their employees?

Building trust at the workplace

Well, there are several ways by which trust at the workplace can be developed. Take a look at the following points.

1. Honesty is the best policy

The first step towards building trust amongst your employees is to be honest with them. Researchers reveal that managers who remain truthful to their staff tend to develop a confidence and therefore a long-standing relationship.

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Being honest even during tough times is something that great leaders always tend to do. Whether your organisation is unable, to meet its goals or will not be able to roll out bonuses or have decided to scrap the annual cultural event owing to fund crisis—all must be brought to the limelight of the employees. If a clear picture is maintained through and through, the trust factor will intensify naturally.

2. Owning up to mistakes

In most cases, managers tend to avoid owing up or admitting to their mistakes. However, if someone who is in the position of power has the humbleness to admit to his or her mistakes, indeed secures the trust of his fellow members. While being transparent about company policies or losses, it is even harder to admit mistakes as a manager. Nonetheless, if you ever succeed in doing so, remember that in turn, you will end up earning a lot more trust in workplace and respect.

3. Treating employees as human beings and not numbers

If your job is mostly about meeting certain performance metrics, then managers might get into the practice of perceiving their employees regarding their output achieved. But this is where the game changer lies. Managers do not have to be their employees’ best friend, but they can certainly treat their employees as human beings first.

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Managers who tend to encourage extreme competition among team members end up introducing a toxic environment where there is absolutely no trust.

Managers must learn to consider and treat their employees as individuals and maintain cordial working relations with them. They do not have to know the details of their employee’s personal lives, but managers must know what their employees enjoy the most about their jobs. Such an understanding is significant enough to gain the trust of their employees.

4.  Recognising and giving credit to employees

To obtain trust at the workplace, managers must understand that recognising and giving credit to employees for the good work done goes a long way in developing trust at the workplace. Therefore, as a manager, do remember to recognise and appreciate your team members and employees for the effort they put in. A little bit of encouragement goes a long way in building a trust.

5. Be your team’s best advocate

To earn trust, managers must be their team’s best defender. While inwardly you might have constructive feedback to give your team members; but outwardly, make sure that you praise them and also take responsibility for their work. It is a tough balance to achieve, yet managers must learn to do this so that they can win the trust of their team members.

Understand that building trust at the workplace is not an easy task and one has to work towards it to achieve it. However, once it has been achieved, it can deliver great results.

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