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If you ask people, whether they are interested in working for Google, probably nobody will ever say “no”.  In fact, it will be once a lifetime opportunity. They would overwhelmingly welcome the job offer or would be quite enthusiastic to accept it. If you go for the same experiment with other brands like SAP and Yahoo, you will find the similar answer.

We do not need to be associated with a great organization to have such opinion about their employment brand. Somehow, we just know. This is called the magic of employment brand or the strategic branding solutions, which a company opts for in a long run. The brand, an organization, builds over the years, influences the mind of people to think about it positively.

Building such repute in the marketplace depends on multiple branding tactics where ‘recruitment software’ plays a noteworthy role. Also, a growing number of human resource (HR) leaders have recognized the importance of their company’s employer brand where they find recruitment software as one of the ways to strengthen the branding solutions.

According to a survey from Glassdoor,

“69% of candidates would not wish to work for an organization, which carries a bad reputation, even if they do not have a job.”

This should not be a surprising fact in this modern work world! Now, businesses explore new opportunities to stimulate their branding solutions and best practices through integrating the latest recruiting software into their business.

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How does recruitment software amplify your employer branding solutions?

1. It Increases Candidate Engagement

It is vital to the success of any employment brand to provide a good initial experience with your candidates. When an applicant applies for a post, this is the first time he/she interacts with you. Here, making a positive impression is essential. Candidates judge your brand value based on how you treat them, which they consider a sense of belonging.

One of the quickest ways of giving an excellent candidate experience is keeping the candidates updated on the progress of their application. However, many organizations overlook candidate communications unintentionally because of a lack of time or do not value it.

Fortunately, recruiting tools can create the initial communication with your candidates simpler and faster. Applicant tracking systems (ATS) allow you to create different customized email templates and send it to candidates in just one click. It eliminates the hassle of sending individual emails, also keep candidates updated.

2. It helps you Share Thoughts of Existing Employees

A career site is not only the front end to your applicant tracking system but it also a platform which you can utilize to tell people why they should work for your organization. It proves to be an excellent stage for you to endorse you as a brand.

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To utilize this platform fully, be as creative as you can. Add videos, testimonials from your employees and workplace pictures for high exposure and do include a company overview. It will give the candidates an accessible insight into what they can experience when you hire them.

3. It helps you know the Candidates

One of the best aspects of using a recruitment software is it provides you valuable insights on candidates’ behavior. You can find out the devices (desktop, mobile, etc.) candidates are using to apply for the jobs. The valuable statistics would give you an insight on the time intervals when most of the applications are coming and measure the effectiveness of job advertising sources they are applying through. It allows you take a firm recruiting decisions and gain the most positive outcomes.

For example, you find out that most of the applications are coming through mobile devices. Then, your first is to verify whether the careers site is mobile optimized. Moreover, if you notice any accurate timing when you receive most of the applications, you can leverage that time slot by scheduling job postings around this period on your social platforms.

4. It let you expand your reach

You need not be extra attentive when you have recruitment software with you. It automates the process of employer branding with minimal effort. The recruiting tool allows you post jobs ads to multiple channels including social media platforms.

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Such recruiting tools allow you link to free job aggregators where you can decide where to publish the job ads just by checking a box and clicking a button. This amplified reach will maximize your exposure and facilitate you to aim a broader set of candidates.

Here, the most important thing to understand is, recruiting software is not the sole reason for your employer branding. You need to make sure you are continuously working on other aspects of employer branding. To know more about the other crucial elements of a great employer branding solutions, click here.

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