Brothers and sisters! Our company is filled with tremendous energy of the youth. I encourage you to dream, but those dreams must be steady (Sthir). When dreams are steady, they take form of determination (Sankalp) and when you combine them with hard-work, they turn into accomplishments (Siddhi)!

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Modi ji would have been such morale boosting, motivating and steadfast boss, only if we believe in his unceasing rhetoric. A man of great words struck a chord with the people, mostly because of his unparalleled oratory skills. The immense force with which he sways the crowd of gatherers is remarkable. Besides, he is also a very God-fearing man. Let’s have a look at what happens when his most popular speeches are twisted into a boss format-


Invoke the Gods: All the deities that are perceived in India have been associated with nature. And if you too want to worship only God leaving behind the nature it is not absolute. This is a total package deal. We do get an inspiration from Shivji in public life and that inspiration is to drink and digest poison..!”

For anything and everything you want, invoke the gods from their slumber and hold them there with exclamatory sentences and intense words. Make deals with higher authority before you make deals with mortals. 

Connect to your roots: “Our ancestors used to be snake charmers. Our generation is not that good. We have lost our abilities. These days we are mouse-charmers. Friends, today our youth, who have the computer-mouse at their fingertips, move the whole world. This is the power of our youth. They have highlighted India’s achievements in the world.Charm the mouse to stay ahead of your competition. The new generation got to stay rooted when they go around changing the world.

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Stay tech-savvy: “I have been saying IT + IT = IT : Indian Talent + Information technology = India Tomorrow. Friends! As a politician, I use technology extensively – from the simple to the cutting edge. While ‘Technology in Politics’ plays a crucial role … it would do us great good to stay away from letting ‘Politics into Technology’!”  Rip off the paper work and get cracking with the latest technology! Start upgrading your brain along with your smartphone. Friends, c’mon suit up!

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Everything said and done, Mr. Modi does have a knack for making queer sentences look logical; enthusing a sense of optimism with his practical dreaming.

This glass is completely full; half with water and half with air.

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