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 “I want more from you!…” “Just this? This is not enough, you could do more!” And blahh blahh….” These are some of my manager’s favorite words. Sometimes she says this in an encouraging tone and sometimes in powerful one that can lite the fire in my a**…

Well, being totally exhausted with this, I made a resolution for this New Year that I will make sure that my manager never says her favorite words of such category. So, after lots of tried and tested methods in the last month, I could finalize on certain ways which can actually help in delivering more. And guess what, these are actually helping me from the last 10 days.

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Now, because I believe in humanity and sympathize with all my folks (who too are suffering like me), here I am sharing my tricks with you.

  1. No hardcore plan: In the past years, I have tried a lot planning my day and abiding by it, but frankly, it never worked for several reasons. So, what I did this time is, I just defined the tasks that I want to accomplish by the end of the day, and also where I am at the beginning of the day. Once this is done, I could easily define to-do-steps to achieve it.
  2. Say bye to multitasking: I have accepted that multitasking is something which isn’t for me. It takes approximately more time to finish the tasks separately than doing simultaneously. This might be true for you as well, so just give this a try for few days to identify that.
  3. Step towards deadlines: Make sure that everything you do would lead you to completion of the tasks.
  4. Stop overcommitting: Out of excitement, we sometimes overcommit (atleast I do this), and this is another reason why we are not productive. So, don’t do this, make realistic expectations and delegate tasks accordingly.
  5. Cell phone’s amazing feature: We use our cell phones for so many things, but how many of you have tried the timer in it? Try using it guys, I was really amazed to see that it actually helps in accomplishing tasks on time.
  6. Use ‘How’ instead of “I can’t”: You login to your system today morning and see piles of work. What would be your reaction? Will it be “Oh shit! I can’t do this!” or “How shall I do this?” Well, it’s all in thoughts, give it a try before accepting defeat. I tried, and it worked.
  7. Facebook & Watsapp can wait: All your social sites can wait to give you updates. Atleast shut off all your distractions when you are doing the tasks, it won’t be difficult to complete it then. Trust me!
  8. Define “No Talking Time”: If your co-workers are also one reason for your distractions, then tell them clearly that you have assigned no talking time for this much period and they shouldn’t bother you for anything.
  9. Enough sleep: With all this planning and everything, you need to relax your mind and take proper sleep. Since the time I am working on these secret productivity tricks, I am actually taking approx. 8 hours sleep.
  10. Workout: I have joined aerobics classes again. I can feel the energy again which was lost somewhere. It feels so good when your body is fit; you can actually feel confident. I am not asking you to join aerobics, but do say yes to some sort of workout, be it a morning walk in a breezy morning.
  11. Eat healthy: Food is also one factor that would increase your productivity. Oily food can actually make you lazy and feel sleepy. So eat healthy and work fresh!
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The Secret tip: Be helpful and offer a helping hand to everyone who needs you. Yes, I mean it! Once you’ll help others (be it your coworkers and some difficult project) you’ll feel beautiful and motivated. And then your own tasks would look simpler to you. Try doing this!

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