There are ways we associate the boss figure in our mind. To put them visually, here are a few examples-



But hey, on the flip side there are bosses who are so cool that they slash these stereotypical notions. They are great leaders and motivators for their teams and hence, take the company forward with their will power.

The most awesome of bosses posses these encouraging qualities. Check your boss’s coolness meter-

Ah, that’s funny!
A good boss is the one who appreciates good humor; a great boss is the one who laughs with you on the joke. If they get your dark or dry humor then perhaps, you have the best bosses of them all. Let’s face it; no sight is better at the workplace than a happy boss laughing away to glory.

Keep it Coming, child.
An appreciative boss is a blessing! These amazing people never say “NO”, they say you can do much better. Never would you ever see them putting an employee down. They say it subtly to leave a lasting impact on their employees. Besides, they keep all the subordinates cheerful at all times.

Pay on time
This is a classy move by a cool boss. They pay salaries on time, and if by any chance the pay day is a holiday; they pay before time. Kindness flows in their veins, as they are very lenient with holidays and half-days too, seldom deducting salary for it. This NEVER means that you can sit back and relax!

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Bring it on!
Push your limits to meet the deadline! They help you learn, unlearn and relearn. Under their guidance, the team understands more than the usual. The suavely spoken, ‘let’s just do it’ attitude, is an instant hit with employees.

Party Animal
Work hard, party harder is their anthem. After a hard day at work, they unwind with their employees over mugs of chilled beer! Dancing or dangling beside the bar, they try to know their employees on a personal level. They are true examples of bosses at workplace, peers out of it.

If none of the above qualities are your bosses’ style then they are anything but cool.

1 on 5: Ah, they are too short of being cool.

2 on 5: Practicing to be cool.

3 on 5: They’ve got the attitude

4 on 5: Aye Captain! Almost there.

5 on 5: Your boss is the coolest boss in town!


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