Boolean search in recruitment

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When most businesses look forward to sourcing new job candidates for their vacant positions, they look up job boards and other resources. However, not all recruiters consider the aspect of Boolean Search in recruitment – which, can be a powerful tool for candidate sourcing and can help recruiters come up with some of the best possible talents.

While in present times, recruiters are resorting to job boards and other social recruiting channels, opting for the Google Boolean sourcing should not be neglected. If done correctly, Boolean sourcing can turn out to be one of the best ways for tapping some of the best possible talents.

Experts are of the opinion that searching on Google can be intimidating at times; however, how you seek as a recruiter is what influences the results that you would eventually get from this.

Boolean sourcing on Google gives you the opportunity to discover literally – almost anyone and anywhere merely by typing into the search bar. Using keywords naturally to find the right candidate or an individual might seem pretty much simple, but the reality is entirely different from what it seems. Efficiently using Boolean Search in recruitment and also having sound knowledge as to how to navigate Google can help separate finding good talent from being lost in the middle of the massive search engine.

Understanding Boolean Sourcing

What is Boolean Sourcing or Boolean Search in recruitment? The term Boolean comes from the inventor of the method George Boole.

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Boole in his theory proposed that most outcomes could be arrived at through a series of logical choices. Even the human brain also naturally works in this way – probably making use of Boolean search.

For example, as a recruiter, you say “ I want a candidate with experience in technology AND management but NOT big data analytics. Now, there are a couple of tricks that can exponentially improve the results that a search returns. An excellent Boolean sourcing demands sound knowledge of using the right keywords and then knowing how to separate them out with other operators.

Boolean sourcing methods can be used on any search engine: Google, Facebook and even LinkedIn.

Boolean is a term that is used to define the process of keyword combination with other words called “operators.” These operators inform the search engine as for how to use the keywords in the search methods. Operator word examples are AND, NOT, and OR. With the apt Boolean Search in recruitment, an engine can cut through the websites and profiles that you do not wish to see and eventually bring in the information that would be helpful in your search for your next candidate.

Boolean sourcing helps you control what you can and demands a lot of time and thought process. It helps a recruiter in defining the sort of candidate it is looking for. Use well-chosen terms, and you will find hidden candidates who would eventually become a treasure trove for your organization.

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