Networks are built when you tap the potential of the people already existing in your life, and blogging is a great way to reach a higher audience. Networking strategies are made while you just blog your way around.

Share Your Expertise
Creating authentic blogs comes with great knowledge. You should always talk about the work areas you are good at. For example, if you are a sales person give advice and how to’s to your audience so that they know something new and different, other than the mundane everyday stuff.

Reputation Building
People like to respect, admire and know people who offer value. You can build your reputation on something that you know better than most others. This value addition for people, is a major thing which attracts viewers of a particular community, group or organization.

What works best is blatant honesty coupled with authenticity and credibility. If somebody can cross-check the information or the facts that you are playing on in your blog then you eventually built a close contact with them.

In Touch
Always share your products with the world. Social networks are the best way to share them, all the busy people throng to social networks to catch up and if they see a post by you, they are sure to take notice. What matters is staying in touch regularly, even if it means showing up on the newsfeed of people.

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Engage People
Mention people in your blog who matter. Maybe you got your inspiration from them or you could be adding a quote by them. It is always beneficial to mentioning them and letting them know about it. Also, offer to write guest blogs for your friends or family.

In the end relevance is all that matters. You should know where to tap to get what benefit by keeping your content clear and credible.

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