The Google Giant is growing by spreading its tentacles around the market space. It has bought several companies, which has proved great for its business. Acquisitions by Google have also gathered great market reputation for them. Some of them are so central to Google’s functioning that we hardly knew they existed before Google bought them.

Here is an extensive list of best of deals Google made over the years-

Acquired in 2005, Android was a little 22 month old start-up. The founder- Andy Rubin, kept the company’s identity sealed for reasons only known to him; until Google acquired Android to make it the largest ever smartphone operating system. It cost Google only 50 million to get its hands on a platform that would eventually give them with three-fold the revenue.

Applied Semantics

A fifty persons large business known for its semantic text processing technology seemed out of order in the scheme of thing for Google. But, this went on to become Google’s best deal. Acquired for 102 million, the company became Google’s Ad Sense- a paid search advertising platform which gets Google most of its revenues from brands wanting to advertise on Google. It was indeed a futuristic thought!

The web 2.0 company was bought by Google in August 2010 for 182 million. It was founded by PayPal co-founder Max Levchin. The company was originally formed to make a photo sharing software for social networking sites like MySpace. It was also the largest third party application developer for Facebook, until it was acquired by Google. And now it’s out there creating standalone mobile products like photo-sharing app Photovine.

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The iconic tool which was created to manage RSS feeds for advertisers and users was acquired by Google in June 2007 for 100 million. This deal almost back lashed in the wake of Twitter, which provided a similar timeline of newsfeed from various sources.

The then next big thing of the Internet, and its potential was well understood by Google. It was acquired in 1.65 billion, fighting off Yahoo, News Corp and Microsoft in the year 2006, when it was a rising star gaining initial round of popularity. It is for everyone to see; how successful this acquisition has been for Google despite the initial doubts in mind.


Google adopted this smart technology in 2011. Having mastered contextual searching- searching for further information without having to leave a Web page — is a growing field and one that Apture helped kickstart. Impressed by the workings, Google bought it. This stunning technology is now being employed by Google Chrome team to help enhance the product further.

Which is your all time favourite Google tool?

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