Career in Data Analytics, Big Data

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Can you firstly explain the concept of Big Data

Big Data is definitely one of the more fascinating evolutions of the 21st century in the world of IT. It is the term used for a collection of data from traditional and untraditional sources, so large and complex that it becomes difficult to process using on-hand database management tools or traditional data processing applications. When we talk about the concept of “data creation & analysis” today, we mean insights that have the potential to transform businesses, gleaned from data that is humungous (Volume), moves too fast or exceeds current processing capacity (Velocity) and comes from varied sources in varied formats (Variety). Data technologies are the tools and processes businesses may use to handle and analyse this huge and complex data.


Career in Data Analytics, Big Data


How exactly can Big Data help businesses?

Big Data has opened up tremendous opportunities and provides business with new and interesting solutions to deal with social, economic and business problems. It is a huge untapped source of profit that can help you stay ahead of competition. Today organizations are using Big Data to make smarter, faster and more impactful decisions by focusing on value generating efforts and capabilities. An effective strategy integrates and services various business functions and helps increase revenues, reduce risks, and bring down costs. Just having Big Data is not a sufficient criterion for success however; enterprises also need to implement analytics effectively, in order to be able to garner insights that help improve profitability.

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Some famous names, who have used Big Data successfully are Amazon, Alibaba, Google, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn – these companies are the pioneers and have hugely impacted their profits using data analysis.  But volumes of data are relative and there are also smaller companies that have just as effectively used Big Data technologies to gain insights and improve profitability.

Let’s talk about the Big Data skill gap

Business everywhere and of all kinds are rushing to be a part of the data creation wagon. They are all desperately looking out for the right talent with relevant IT expertise and deep analytical skills. According to information technology research and advisory firm Gartner, Big Data will create more than 4.4 million jobs by 2015. However at present there are just not enough skilled professionals to fill up these jobs and businesses are currently short of experts who can work with Big Data tools and technologies, and make sense of unstructured data flowing from mobile devices, sensors, social media and other sources. Businesses are willing to pay well to hire and retain good Big Data talent. Infact according to Jigsaw Academy’s 2014 Salary Report of the industry, average salaries for Big Data professionals with Hadoop skills was Rs 13 hundred thousand per annum. So really, here  is a great career opportunity for those who are interested in the field.

What are the skills one needs to build a career in Big Data?

Well simply put, a Big Data professional would need a combination of technical programming skills, hands on experience with Analytical tools such as statistics, modeling techniques and econometrics and excellent presentation skills. The most commonly used languages are Java, Python, C#, and R which implements MapReduce queries on big databases such as Hadoop, HBase, Cassandra, and MongoDB, and one would need to build expertise on all these. However Hadoop, R and MongoDB are the most popular and so it may be a good idea to begin by learning these first.

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While technical skills are important, one also needs a keen analytic and business sense. A Big Data specialist needs to be able to define profitable business objectives and put the analysis in a perspective that will help and enable stakeholders to make smarter decisions.

Where does Jigsaw Academy see itself in this booming Big Data universe?

We at Jigsaw academy passionately believe in the potential of Big Data. Sarita, my co founder and I have worked in varied industries, across multiple roles for the last twenty years and have brought our expertise and experience together, to form Jigsaw, with the aim of delivering skilled data analysts and Big Data specialists to the industry . We believe that the future of analytics and Big Data is tremendous, and we see Jigsaw Academy as playing a crucial role in identifying and nurturing analytic and Big Data talent worldwide, so that the skill gap reduces. We do this using an online learning platform that allows for flexibility, is lighter on the pocket and that delivers a seamless learning experience for our students. We take pride in sourcing and delivering our content from industry experts across the globe, while focusing on a hands on learning experience. We also share our knowledge and expertise freely with the public through our blog, our free ebooks and reports and many other resources. You can call us data evangelists!

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At present we have partnered with Wiley to offer a Globally recognized certification in Big Data & Hadoop. The course covers the Hadoop Distributed System and popular technologies, while at the same time gives students hands-on exposure to industry relevant tools. At the end of the course they will be able to analyze Big Data using Hive, Pig and Impala, implement MapReduce Programs using R and build Tableau Reports and Visualizations.

Here are links to two videos which are a part of this course. The first video will give all of you interested in Big Data an understanding of what it is, what are it’s advantages and sources. The second video explains the structuring and important elements of data creation and analysis.



We really believe in Big Data and know that the industry will evolve and explode much further than we can imagine. We want to be there for that journey, in the thick of it all, always providing the latest industry relevant training, closing the skill gap, one Jigsawite at a time.



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