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2016 has come to an end and we at the tail end of the year is all set to take a throwback tour as to how was 2016 for us. We have had our fair share of ups and downs, lows and highs with times of ecstasy and times of misery – overall it has been a great year for The CareerMuse. We have explored and written on myriad topics ranging from resumes and cover letters to startups, technology in human resources to applicant tracking systems and even maternity leave policies. Most of these blogs have been a hit with our readers and audiences, and some of them continue to garner likes even when the year has almost come to an end. Let’s take a look at the top most viewed/most popular blogs of 2016.

#1. 3 Ways in Which the Resume Has Changed Over the Past Decade

3 Ways in Which the Resume Has Changed Over the Past Decade, happens to be the most viewed and the most favorite blogs of 2016. It focuses on how resume writing has changed over the last decade with the introduction of visual element, keywords and also infographic resumes. READ HERE!

#2. Tata Sons’ Latest Maternity Leave Policies

Setting New Trend to Retain Women Employees This blog on maternity leave policies has been doing the rounds in the Internet world since it was first posted. Even with the latest Mistry mishap, the Tata Group seems to know how to appeal and retain its female employees – by introducing extended maternity leave policies. READ HERE!

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#3. 7 HR Leaders Tell us About Corporate Leadership Vs Entrepreneurial Leadership 

Our focus on guest blogging has yielded significant benefits, with this blog titled: 7 HR Leaders Tell us About Corporate Leadership Vs Entrepreneurial Leadership. This blog compiles the views of seven HR leaders on the difference between Corporate Leadership and Entrepreneurial Leadership. READ HERE!

#4. How Talent Acquisition Has Undergone Transformation  

Our fourth most popular blog of 2016 happens to be How Talent Acquisition has Undergone Transformation. This post focuses on the gradual transformation and intervention of technology into the domain of HR and how it has influenced talent acquisition. Sarung Subani, the HR Leader at MakeMyTrip, provides his insight into the ever-changing landscape of the HR and how technology has its impact on the process of recruitment. READ HERE!

#5. Ultimate List of Top 30 Human Resources Websites Curated Especially For Indian Professionals

 This simple post is nothing but a compilation of the ultimate Top 30 Human Resources website that is perfect for Indian professionals. These have been well-researched and specially curated for Indian HR professionals. READ HERE!

#6. Hiring in IT Industry to Grow by 76% from Dec’16 to March’17: Study Reveals

One of the recent posts to feature on the site, this blog has taken away all the laurels by generating the maximum number of views within the shortest span. The theme as simple as it can get – hiring to increase in the IT industry by 76% by the end of the year. This probably shows that the information technology sector continues to be the most sought-after employer in India. READ HERE!

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#7. 5 Latest Startups That Have Bloomed in India

Over the past five years, India has been stamped as the startup nation to look forward to. With ample startups mushrooming across all the great cities, this post takes a look at the latest startups that have revamped the country’s startup landscape. READ HERE!

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