As per an article published in the Harvard Business Review, “your workspace is your cockpit. If you can’t see the gauges or reach the controls quickly and efficiently, you’re in trouble. Luckily some simple organizing techniques can make your desk, cubicle, or office more conducive to higher levels of productivity.”


It is not required of you to be the queen of any cubicle, but just a bit cautious about how your office space looks. No one likes a dull and boring space. No one likes it too colourful either. Think about this: you sit in your office all day long, longing for a fresh view outside. How do you make sure that you don’t feel restricted to your assigned place? CareerBuilder India brings a fresh perspective on workspace organization and utilization.

Workspace and Productivity

Being essentially a non-core organizational activity, workplace or workspace organization is a practice ignored by many. While visual appearance is the foremost objective of organizing your workspace, there are other reasons that make it an important activity. Making even slight improvements can shoot up the productivity manifold.

How to Give Your Cube a New Look

Whether you work in a cubicle in office or from the comfort of your own home, it is essential that once in a while you arrange things in a manner that aids you in working and moving around freely. Time and motion studies suggest that proper organization of space and office equipments can reduce the turnaround time of an activity considerably.

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• Clear the Clutter: Let’s begin with the most important activity. The one that most of us are likely to hate the most. It’s called ‘Clear the Clutter’. So you’ll have to do away with those files and folders on your desk, as well as the ones on your desktop that do not serve any purpose any longer.

• Keep Items Within Reach: While clutter can be congesting, keeping certain essential items within your reach will make things a lot easier for you. Ultimately you’ll end up wasting less time on reaching out for things and looking around for stuff that is important for completing your task. Take the notepad, for example. If you don’t keep one nearby, you won’t be able to jot down the minutes of the meeting.

• Store the Stock: What’s that packet of chips doing on your table? Either eat it or keep it in the drawer and store it as stock. Similarly, keep the stamps near envelops and your fresh folders near the cabinet. Things that have similar utility should be stored together.

• Be Comfortable: A workplace should feel like a workplace, not like your home. That said, your office should be comfortable. Pleasant ambience and good working conditions are not sufficient for making the place comfortable. You need a neatly organized set-up for maximum comfort.

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Why Organize

Look at Pinterest for a few pictures of a rearranged office. Now you know how beautiful and pleasing it looks. However, the following are the more significant reasons for giving your office space a face lift:

• Health and Safety
• Increased Productivity
• Clarity of thought
• Professionalism
• Morale and Motivation


Have you watched the movie ‘Looper’? If you have then you’ll be able to recall that the Loopers keep their ‘Blunderbuss’ in a cabin. That’s what we call organizing office equipment. As and when you enter, you assemble your property in a pre-decided place. This way, things remain organized and secure too. Arranging your work environment in the right manner will help you feel light and active throughout the day.

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