“Jones, you cretin. What were you thinking? Were you paying any attention at all to your work?”

(In a fog) “Sorry boss. I must have become a work zombie. ”


Image Courtesy: zombiepictures.net

  • Do you often find your workplace pale, devoid of any colour?
  • Do you experience deathly cold vibes at the hands of the keyboard?
  • Have you been drinking green liquid as coffee lately?

If the answers to the above questions are in the affirmative, then chances are that you are turning into a zombie at work. Urban Dictionary defines a zombie worker as an employee who experiences a loss of consciousness that can go on for hours or days. In this state, he or she will have no memory at all of the work he or she performed.

Also known as work autopilot and work robot, these are usually people who feel that they have no future in their own company. It is believed that the “lost” time is spent in internal calculation, so as not to allow the brain cells to atrophy.

However, CareerBuilder India suggests that you must read the below to confirm.

1) Mindless Dressing– Wearing the same shirt that you wore the day before? What’s more – it isn’t even ironed. This lack of enthusiasm to dress smartly for office is the first sign of your zombie-ness taking over. Unkempt hair and unshaved beard are add-ons to the already distasteful state of your affairs. Before your colleagues notice the lice, get a grip.

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2) Daydreaming– Or let’s say vicious planning to alter your office into a death chamber. These reveries would prove the end of you if the boss finds out; the stench of the devil travels faster than you think. Losing productivity and gaining demonic powers is definitely a positive sign for your eventual zombie doom.

3) Existential Crisis– Now this proves that you are more than just a work zombie. People having questions about life and existence; and, their identity losses the worker’s charm of working because they are way too much engulfed with deeper problems of the unknown. They lose interest too quickly- not letting things register in their brain – thus taking the path of the devil in office.

4) Irritable Behavior– Hey you sane worker! Do you hear cranky calls of the lingering soulless beings? A guffaw here and a snigger there are the patents of diabolic powers around you. They mostly stay lonely but pounce on the ones who so much as greet them. They give you deathly stares through their blood-shot eyes. If you sight one, BEWARE. THEY BITE.

5) Down and Out– You like letting down people counting on you? Oh, that’s almost sadistic. You heave sighs of appreciation at people being fired? Your road to success lies in spreading your venom to co-workers by de-motivating them till they eventually give up. Well, you really find fun in ruthlessness and this categorizes you as belonging to the class of demon. And unfortunately, you have lost it altogether.

If you have been nodding your head at each one of these pointers, unfortunately you are a zombie at your workplace.  No matter what job you are in right now – Banking, IT, or Marketing – you should probably reevaluate your choices. Get to doing something you love instead of wasting away precious time of your life and becoming brain-dead every day.

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