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If the first step out of the interview room stirs the fear in you about whether you’ll make it or not, then you are missing the trick of the game. The series of questions erupt in one’s mind about whether I’ll make it to the next round or if I’ll get the call back from the recruiters and similar others are in no sense helpful until unless the final verdict comes. However the question is: does this situation really comes complementary with every job interview, or is there some flip side too?

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Yes, there exist a flip side and you can actually find out whether you are on the winning front or the losing front.  All you have to do is keep your sixth sense active and identify the signal that says ‘yes, you are doing it well’.

Body Language: Like interviewer can sense your confidence with your body language, similarly you too can sense if you could make an impression or not. Frowns, grimaces, or pursed lips of the interviewer during your interview are negative signs, whereas vigorous nodding, some note taking and friendly eye contact signal towards winning streak.

Interview Duration: The duration of your interview is another good way to find the probability of your selection. If you are interviewed for more than the scheduled time, then that is another positive signal. Or if the interviewer had to cut short the interview due to a situation and he has apologized & suggested to continue to it later, then that too is a favorable situation. So, let your guts direct you based on the duration of your interview.

Interview Questions Pattern : As suggested by Richard Bolles in his book “What color is your Parachute’, if the interviewer’s questions move from past towards the future, then the situation is in your favor but in case it sticks to the past for a longer time, then that’s not favorable. According to the book, the interview questions should go through five predictable stages, which are: The Distant Past (What made you choose this industry as a career), The Immediate Past (How did you handle a particular situation in the recent project you had handled), The Present (are you inclined towards working on specific project/skill set?), The Immediate Future (it could relate to scheduling next round of interviews), and The Distant Future (where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?)

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Future Discussions: Interviewer discussing about “when you’ll be here…” instead of “if you are here…” is another positive sign suggesting you have chances of being selected. Also, if you are given a broad picture of how it is to work at the company and what does company expect from you, then that too is encouraging.

Other signs that directs towards your selection:

  • Interviewer taking your name during the interview
  • If conversation moves towards personal bonding with more personal questions
  • If you are introduced to more decision makers

In case you are still doubtful, then follow up, but in a right way.

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