Beating Workplace Stress: At Office and At Home

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Stress has become a part of every employee’s life. It isn’t just affecting productivity of one but is also demotivating other employees. To get rid of this, here I am sharing few tips which can help you during work hours and few for home; adopt these and notice the change in your career.

Beating Workplace Stress: At Office and At Home
CareerBuilder_Beating Stress at Work & Home

How you can beat stress at office?

Here are few quick fixes, which can instantly lift your mood and make you stay away from stress:

  • Smile: Trick your mind and convince it to be happy. Take often breaks from work to appreciate someone and make them smile after all even research says happiness is infectious.
  • Give a makeover to your workstation: Clear your workstation and give it a little makeover. This is also a great mood changer.
  • Be friends with your colleague: Having friends at work benefits in venting out all your work frustration. Discussion with work friends helps in finding solutions to work issues; it even helps in concentrating on work commitments. In simple terms, you always need friends to lighten up your mood.
  • Keep your water bottle besides: Always keep yourself hydrated to stay away from mood swings. Staying dehydrated also initiates negative mood.
  • Learn a new skill: Learning a new skill will benefit you in a lot of ways. It can improve your work memory, verbal intelligence, as well as language skills.
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 How you can beat stress at home?

After almost 54 hours of working in a working week of 6 days, getting stressed on the 7th day is pretty obvious. /but so you stay away from this obvious stress by adopting yoga routine every morning. Here are few yoga poses, doing which can help you stay energetic and full of liveliness:

  • Tadasana (Mountain Pose): To relax back and chest muscles.

How to do this?

Stand straight with feet hips-width apart. Slowly take the hands over the head, keeping palms forward-facing. Breathe in deeply and gently bend your body backwards.

  • Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward-Facing Dog): This asana helps in beating anxiety & relaxing mind.

How to do this?

Stand straight and inverting your body in V position with hands outstretched in front (fingers grounded on floor & pointed forward), hips raised, and feet grounded (hips width apart). Stay in this position for 30-40 seconds while breathing in & out calmly.

  • Balasana (Child’s Pose): This asana makes you stress free like a child

How to do this?

 Kneel down on the floor with knees hip-width apart. Exhale and lay the torso between the thighs and bring the forehead down while resting the arms alongside (palms up).

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