Beat Stress at Workplace- Make a Smart Move!

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Is the work related stress spoiling your personal life and thereby your mental peace? Do you wish to unwind but find yourself helpless and occupied with work pressure? Stress is one of the most elusive rivals for most employees. Inflexible working hours, long-distance commutation from home to office, job insecurity, unending demands of the boss, all take a toll on the psychological, as well as, physical well-being of an individual. In extreme cases, people tend to get driven into alcoholism, high blood pressure, heart diseases, or any kind of mental sickness. There is hence, just not one reason to address work related stress but the illnesses caused by it are infinite and need to be fixed.

Beat Stress at Workplace- Make a Smart Move!
Beat Stress at Workplace- Make a Smart Move!

The latest American Institute of Stress research reveals that work stress is accountable for 550 million leaves by employees every year and $80 billion loss in productivity. This is because, failure to identify the cause of stress can result in irritability, sleeplessness, muscular-tension, heart strokes, and depression.

Measuring the Work Related Stress

Recently, a U.S. organization with good repute conducted a survey, which was targeted at identifying work stress factors and consequences of the same.  The report revealed that work related stress leads to 120, 000 deaths every year. One of the biggest factors contributing to this number in deaths was high demands at work, followed by disturbance in personal life and overall health. Also revealed is the research that says, stressed out employees sleep 20 minutes less than other employees, gain more weight and work injuries, which is not a good sign of personal and professional growth. However, stress due to work is something that cannot be overlooked and must be dealt mindfully.

Implementing Smart Moves to Beat Stress at Work

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Some employees feel that people with managerial positions are more stressed. Fallacy! The fact is every employee reacts differently to different work related issue be it his job role, work pressure, work culture, work timings etc. However, employers, recruiters, and HR managers play a vital role in this entire scenario and can implement smart moves to ensure their employees are happy and less-stressed at work.

Enlisted are the top 3 tips for employers, as well as, for employees to beat stress at work.

For employers to keep their employees stress-free, the key is to ‘balance’.

What employers can do?

  • Provide flexible timings
  • Provide work from home benefits
  • Reduce reporting times
  • Introduce fun and engagement activities at work
  • Induce vacation policies
  • Motivate them with rewards benefits
  • Offer health care memberships
  • Induce skills learning sessions

What employees can do?

  • Set realistic goals for themselves and avoid excessive competition
  • Learn to relax during short intervals. Studies say that just 15 minutes of quiet meditation can decrease work stress and enhance endurance levels.
  • Treat their body the right way by intake of fresh fruits in the regular diet.
  • Not taking work as pressure in the mind. Only take it as a task to be performed with the best efforts
  • Ask for flexible timings of work
  • Speak up whenever anything goes wrong instead of keeping it inside
  • Be prepared to take criticism lightly. They must not take stress of what the boss says but take it as a part of work life.
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Beating stress at work does not mean changing the entire lifestyle overhaul. Start with making the little changes in your work life that will lead to bigger differences in your personal life. A lifted morale can help employees to deal and beat the work related stress and achieve their career dreams without fail. Recruiters must not invest time in scouting the best talent but find out employee retention strategies, one of which is providing them a better place to work.

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