All of us look for better things and better opportunities; nobody provides them on a plate for us. We need to seek it. We try to self-sacrifice and rather than self- service our needs. We tend to have the habit of not questioning or asking for too much and hence we miss out. Especially women, who have been taught to stay down and comply, miss out big time. By not negotiating we are underestimating our own capability.

Before you make self-sacrificing your habit and estimate yourself far below the market value, have a look at some of the ways in which we keep our negotiation qualities intact and ask for what we for resources as per our worth-

It Starts With a ‘No’
The point of a negotiation occurs only when a party says a ‘no’ to a situation, before that it has no problem. To get both the parties at a common consensus when one party seems to disagree is when you can start the negotiation. The goal is to understand and come to terms with everybody’s needs. Make a conversation which starts on a positive note and let it smoothen out to the fact that you are actually negotiating about something. Make big the overlapping interests and convey the conflicting areas with ease. However, train the other party to clearly understand your problem, because chances are they have been in the same shoes sometime or the other.

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It’s Not About Money
Money can just buy. Look for how you will value the money. What is it that you need to keep negotiating to a party for money, why or how do you think it will help you? And in the end is it even worth it? There are different scenarios for different people, some of us need to keep negotiating because we need our daily bread, some of us need a status in the society and most of us are looking to keep ourselves secure through money. However, analyzing how long and far to stretch the money negotiation is strictly according to the need that money would be serving for you.

Know Your Strengths and Their Weaknesses
The negotiation power is always in the mind and the one who has nothing to lose shall be the winner negotiator. More times than not, all of us have something or the other at stake and that is why we come into a negotiating situation. You should have full knowledge about the other party’s weak points and try and tap those to your advantage. Play them along too well that the other party has no option but to see the situation is a skewed manner where they seem to be losing, even if that is not the case.

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Don’t Prove Your Methods
If you have to credit something to yourself in terms of your strengths in the whole negotiating deal, all you got to d is simply say it to the other party. You can’t possibly go around proving what you have done your word is as good as it get. Just find a reason and go about why you need your side of the deal and how it so non-negotiable. You need to give the other party an idea of how you are so ready to walk out, if your side or at least some of it is not met.

Negotiate better, you!

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