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His mentor asked: ‘How bad do you want to be successful?’, when he said ‘I want to be successful like you are.’

He replied: ‘Real Bad!’

The man then asked him to walk out in the water, and he did. When he was waist deep, he thinks how crazy the man is. But he kept following what his mentor said. He walked little further till the water level rose to his shoulders. He was again like the man no doubt has lots of money, but he no doubt is completely crazy. Anyways, he kept walking until he got immersed in the water till his mouth, and then was reluctant to walk ahead.

His mentor then came and dropped his head in the water and held him down. But just before he was about to drop, the man pulled him out, and said:

‘You will get success when you will want it as bad as you want to breathe now.’

He continued, “While you were down in the water, you would have fallen short of breath several times and would have badly tried to breathe some air. You wouldn’t have thought about what’s going on at your friend’s place, what’s the cricket score, who’s calling you, or about the party that you want to have fun at. Instead, all you wanted is some fresh air. That’s it. You’ll be successful when you want success as bad as you wanted to breathe right now!

To be successful, you got to give up everything else, be it your sleep. No matter you sleep for 3 hours in a day or stay up 3 days in a row, all you have to focus upon is the way to be successful.

(This story is taken from one of the motivational speeches by Eric Thomas).
So, whether you are a job seeker looking for a job, or an employee working hard to be successful in different endeavors, you need to focus upon it completely. Keep aside everything secondary and then, you’ll surely not just find out the real path to success but also the best way to cover the distance.

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