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In a recent study conducted by the renowned University of Oxford, it has been revealed that by the year 2033, as many as 47% of job roles will be taken over by automation.

The research focuses extensively on the hospitality industry which is expected to witness several changes in the coming future, including automation. The use of Geo-targeting and Beacons would be widely used within the industry, and this will gradually lead to change that we will get to see.

Geo-technology provides filtered, location-based information from services or devices such as iPhone or Snapchat. With the help of geo-tech, GPS we can get messages to all those people who are close by.

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The use of ‘Geo’ technology in the domain of online advertising substantially enhance traffic back to websites. Needless to say that it will be highly suitable for bars, hotels, and restaurants where 94% of retail spending continues to be performed in store.

Geo-technology in this segment will render excellent opportunity to attract prospective clientele who are placed near the store.

Moreover, Beacons, which are usually masts, often make use of Bluetooth, which is engineered to connect with Android and iOS operating system and conveys messages between companies and their customers. It’s somewhat like a metal detector. Suppose, you are within the convenient distance of an active Beacon, then it can send push notifications and even end up communicating with smart devices.

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This is followed by the next generation Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems that will go beyond logging customer data and behaviors. With the help of smart data and social media engagement, CRM providers such as Cluboid offer hotels, restaurants, and bars, a system that reduces time and energy of the administration and also enhances customer engagement. This CMR also makes it possible to engage in various personal experiences of customers, such as their birthdays and their choice in food.

The prediction that automation will eat up a number of jobs continues to be debated all across, and experts have their opinions regarding the same. However, while the prediction seems to turn out to be somewhat accurate in the coming future, the human touch in jobs and recruitment will continue to remain for long.


Source: EconomicTimes

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