To the lay man’s eye, the attractiveness of the corporate sector is defined mostly by their dressing style. A crisp shirt, well ironed pants, gleaming shoes and carefully matted hair, are a few signs of a powerful corporate man/woman. We can almost picture men in formal attire singing ‘we wear cool suits, we wear shiny shoes…we are the Blackberry boys, oh yeah!’ Well, that’s the idea of corporate that prospective employees have before they set their foot in it as new recruits.
The contemporary corporate employees (for the sake of clarity let’s say people in their early and mid-twenties) have given an edge to the traditional attire by personalizing their dressing style. No, they haven’t broken the corporate dress code if you are thinking that. But, they have certainly injected some color to the blandness of the black suit.

Have a look at the quirky trends upheld by the neo-corporate employee.

Ties and belts- The neck hangings just went up a pitch in terms of design and shapes, from uninspiring dullness to zestful playfulness. Both the bow tie and its longer counterpart have gone under some serious overhauling at the hands of the eccentric employee. The skinny tie is the new hip variety worn by working professionals; they come in both plain colours and prints. The hues have taken a giant leap from the insipid blue and blacks to the vivid yellows and oranges. The duck prints and mathematical patterns are quite a favourite among the geeks. The belts have taken a ninety degree turn when it comes to the weight and width; they have indeed shrunk in size and heaviness of the material.

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Footwear- The old corporate honchos prefer their classy pointed dark leather shoes or their thin laced worn-out shoes. The graceful old timer ladies go for peep-toes mostly with a tight buckle at the back. The new generation of the decade has changed this format to a more comfortable one, they usually fancy lighter shoes with no or a semi leather base. The peep-toes have been given away to flat ballerinas or stylish pencil heels for boardrooms.

Clothesline– An almost revolution has changed the way the young corporate enthusiasts dress without depreciating the essence of the formal scheme. The chic palazzo pants teamed with sheer blouses are very trendy amongst the ultra modern women crowd of the corporate; equally fashionable are tweed jackets, which were majorly a part of the male attire until recently. Men have averaged for linen shirts with quarter sleeves from cotton shirts with full sleeves.

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Every generation brings with it, its own innate style. This one’s surely very snazzy yet exquisite. While none of these styles break the traditional corporate dress code but they surely bring some character in the office surroundings while they rampage from the glass walls to the marble flooring.

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