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Busy with the appraisal process? Hopefully, you would have worked on the appraisal strategy by now and would have identified that monetary benefits are not the only remunerations that the employees today are eyeing upon, and I am sure you too would have considered this aspect before making the decision. So before you announce the final verdict, check out these points that your employees might be expecting for job satisfaction and engagement:


Free to adapt their work style:

No two employee in your company have same capabilities, ideas, and goals. Like they are different, so is there work style, so to churn better productivity benefit your employee with freedom to choose his own work style. Set a goal/target for him and let him choose how he wants to work. Your one initiative can give rise to unique ideas & practices, which might garner better end results. Employees love to get creative freedom, further it would also strengthen the trust between employee & organization.

Free to choose their work timings

9 to 5 jobs don’t guarantee productivity but an employee offered to choose his working hours can guarantee better productivity and work. Let them design their own schedule and notice the individual productivity boost.

Free to choose their place of work

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Try negotiating with your employee on one aspect (be it less salary) and offer him freedom to decide where he wants to work. Telecommunicating is one way that initiates work life balance (much demanded by employees) which further results to better productivity.

These are the three aspects you may consider over salary hike during this appraisal season. Think about them, frame a work structure, set goals and targets and offer these benefits, you WILL see the change.

However, the decision completely depends upon company policy but if you have the leverage then make the changes.

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