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Being an interviewer, there must be one quality which you never compromise with in your hire. What’s  that? Does it anyways connected to passion?

Well, many would say yes, because a passionate employee is much likely to do well than a person who has the higher degrees but is not so passionate about his job.

On the similar lines, Lew Cirne, CEO of software analytics company New Relic has said, “If you’re doing what you love to do and it gives you that tingle down your spine, you’re going to execute at a high level.” Agreeing to this, an important quality to look for in a candidate is their passion for the work.

So, now the question is how to identify that your candidate is passionate for his work? Here is one question that Mr. Cirne asks candidates while interviewing them.

As told to The New York Times, he asks his candidates to describe their happiest moment at work. For eg: “You’re driving home and you’re on cloud nine. What was it about that working day that made you so happy?” This is one of the great ways, he believes, to identify if the candidate is passionate about his work.

I found this a very smart way to make the candidate express how passionate he is for his work, and also it would get easier for you to figure out who deserves to be a part of your passionate & talented team.

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