These are the super cool, super powerful, super rich (or so they rather appear to be) – These are the Alpha Males. Alpha What? The modern Alpha Male is a make-up of – physical, financial and social status. But what’s with the categorization between Alpha and Beta.

What makes certain people the elite Alpha types and others the very normal Beta ones? The difference lies in the thought process.By far, this species makes a good lot of businessmen. Here are some secrets that an Alpha male would never share:

  1. Share a Good Comfort Level With Yourself: That’s the top secret to be an Alpha male. And, it’s quite an effective trait while doing business. Being always sure of your moves and strategies gets you closer to being in control of yourself and your life. And that also means sharing your secrets with no one else.
  2. Failure Shouldn’t Let You Down: Better still, it shouldn’t even bother you for more than a minute. An Alpha male doesn’t stay down for more than some seconds. And, in that fraction of time too, all that he does is plan better for success. No mourning for this man of steel.
  3. Drive and Passion: There is absolutely no dearth of passion and commitment in the Alpha male when it comes to achieving something. Once an Alpha male sets his eyes on something ( or someone), it belongs to him. His passions keep him going come what may. That creates a Bond Like image of the Alpha male.
  4. Assertive, Charming, Supremacy (But Not Bossy): An Alpha Male is anything but bossy. He simply doesn’t need to boss around when all his demands and desires and complied with in a jiffy. Is it his charm, or is it the air of supremacy that wraps around him? Guess it’s just the way he deals with people and processes!
  5. The Way They Talk: They’ll say each word with a clear understanding of the sentence that they are just about to formulate. They will talk slowly, clearly, and assertively. Like they are focusing on each word that falls from their mouth. They’ll be witty too, just to make sure that their pace doesn’t bore.
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The Alpha species, surprisingly, knows how to be notorious and be respected for it! It’s a rare species that takes time to develop into a lovable and enviable monster. This capuchin is surely hungry for attention and power – the more the better – for the Alpha wants to rule!

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