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There are ample ways to pen down a proper resume profile. And a resume is definitely not a place to showcase your modesty. You have to make it a powerful tool to convince your employer enough that you are the most suitable for them.

Therefore, take the opportunity to liven things up a bit and of course remember to use action verbs to enhance your resume profile. Weak, vague or overused verbs can actually diminish your chances of impressing your recruiter and cracking the job opportunity.

Hence, experts opine that it’s very essential to use action verbs in your resume profile. Some of the reasons why action verbs are important for your resume are explained in the paragraphs below:

#1. Action verbs have more impact

Time and again it has been proved that, the judicious use of action verbs on resume profiles tend to have more impact. This is simply because, action verbs always start off with a bang!

Using action verbs like ‘developed’, ‘allocated’, ‘managed’ tend to create more powerful impact and also puts you on a positive light.

The recruiter or the employer will definitely perceive you in a positive light.

#2. Make for easy reading and comprehending

Adding action verbs in resume profiles indeed makes it more easy reading and comprehensible for others. Most employers spend only a few seconds glancing through a resume – before accepting or discarding it. On the other hand, action verbs provide instant information and are often the first words that hiring managers want to see on your resume. Using industry-specific action verbs will make it much easier for the hiring managers to consider you over other job candidates.

#3. Help hiring managers picture you in the role

Action verbs always represent actions. And when the verbs are specific to the job role you are applying for, it helps hiring managers visualize you already performing the task. Needless to say, it enhances your chances of being hired more than your competitors.

For example, if you are applied for the role of a manager, remember to incorporate action verbs like ‘delegated’, ‘coordinated’, ‘organized’ in your resume profile.

#4. Action verbs render your resume profile a unique look

This particular point might seem like a little ornamental, but action verbs do help in providing a job candidate’s resume profile a very unique look. When you choose to use great action verbs that accurately showcase your abilities and achievements, you automatically enable you to set yourself apart from other job applicants resorting to general verbs. This will give you a good competitive advantage when hiring managers review applicants.

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#5. Gives your resume a greater flow

Finally, the use of action verbs makes it easier for hiring managers to read your resume profiles with a smoother and greater flow. However, one caveat is that, action verbs must be chosen very carefully to be used in resume profile.

The objective of every resume should be to make sure that each and every point highlighted by the candidate is read and understood. Action verbs have a certain power to influence others and which is why the use of action verbs becomes so important in a resume. Make sure that you take time to select strong action verbs and make your resume profile stand out among all others.

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